Tuesday, May 30, 2017

John Legend: A Con Man Knows How To Use The News Media For Free Advertisements. How The Face Of "Income Inequality" And "Capitalistic Exploitation" Who Is Worth $15 Million Can Make A $5,000 Donation And Trigger A Progressive Passover

I GIVE CREDIT TO THE "CON MAN" / "Container Manager" WHO CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE of "Containerized People" by going on the OFFENSIVE to avoid the TRUTH about his own violations of the essence of his own existence.

  1. He has more wealth than the average "Perfect 1.0 White People" that he indicts as "The System"
  2. He has MORE ACCESS to the 'red carpet' venues than the average 'Perfect 1.0 White People'
  3. He has a BROADER PLATFORM to advance his message, than the average 'Perfect 1.0 White People'

MOST OF ALL - HE IS GIVEN THE CHOICE TO CHERRY PICK a measure of BENEVOLENCE and receive PRAISE - even if this is but a DROP IN THE BUCKET in comparison to the BIGGER PICTURE. 


As long as he advances PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST PERSPECTIVES he will be PRAISED, and the Negro will LIVE VICARIOUSLY through his homes.

BUT IF YOU LOOK AT THE "BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS" that have been MOLESTED to make a clearance for PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM to run unchecked by any spirit of DISCERNMENT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - you will see the important part that he plays in SUBVERTING the "RITES OF PASSAGE PROGRAMS" for our young people - producing the "CRIMINAL ACTIONS" that he later must dismiss as the COURT SYSTEM is made out to be a vacuum for young Black males.

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