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For A 59 Year Old Black Man Named Gregory Monford When A Street Pirate Said: "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY OR I'LL KILL YOU" - The Shot That Fractured His Femur Bone Might Have Lead Him On A Death Spiral Because He Is No Longer Able To Walk For Exercise


ANSWER - In order to allow the POINT OF VIEW from the (Black) PEOPLE ON THE STREET to pierce through the OFFICIAL BIGOTRY, CORRUPTION AND DECEIT that is cast by "BIGOTS WITH A GOOD REPUTATION' who want you to believe THEIR OFFICIAL LINE.


The 'Disabled Veteran" Who Is Black

 Gregory Monford was minding his own business in his own Black community in Northwest Atlanta.

He used WALKING as his connection to the world and to get some exercise to keep his heart and mind active.

Gregory Monford was PREY in the eyes of a PREDATOR.
After Mr Monford, 59, cashed his check a STREET PIRATE followed him from the check cashing place (or bank), down Hollywood Road and then accosted him at gun point, demanding HIS MONEY OR HIS LIFE.

Even though Mr Monford HANDED OVER HIS MONEY the Street Pirate STILL SHOT HIM!!!

Northwest Atlanta 
Admittedly - the last time I drove down "Hollywood Road" - as I do on occassion when I want to evade downtown traffic by cutting over to the west side interstate - I pulled out my "Zillow / Realtor" mobile app and noted how the houses in this "community in transition" were LOW PRICED.  These are nice family homes in need of some minor improvements.   Someone is going to see this hidden jewel and invest.

The #1 negative point about the area, however, is the cloud of "UNPURPOSED MINDS" who transact CRIMES OF OPPORTUNITY.

While you might be doing right by the community, keeping up your house and minding your business - SOMEONE might kick through your front door as you are away at work.

While there are pockets of surprising improvement in NW Atlanta, Hollywood and some of its tributary streets needs far more work.
A Sister Full Of Faith
A empathize for Mrs Delores Monford Davis with respect to her brother.
This was a malicious act that showed NO HUMANITY projected upon her brother.  The $60 CASH IN HAND was worth more than the entire substance of her brother.

You can tell by Mrs Davis' words that she is a "Woman Of Faith".
"Submit Yourself To JUSTICE', she said.

The problem with this statement is the assumption that the YOUNG MALE who SHOT HER BROTHER SEVERAL TIMES, even though he complied by handing over his money - is that THIS PERSON MUST BE DRAWN BY A 'HIGHER POWER' so that he might SUBMIT HIMSELF TO JUSTICE.

To be honest - IF this person was bound as such - HE WOULD NOT HAVE SHOT THE VULNERABLE BLACK MAN WHO HE SAW AS "PREY".

The shooting was the key act of contempt.
Had he just robbed this old man and allowed him to chalk it up as "a lost fixed income check" - IRONICALLY - this would have been a greater demonstration of 'character' by the Street Pirate - whose expectations have been so duly degraded.

The Projected Image Of OCCUPATION
The Atlanta Police Patrols Through Northwest Atlanta.

When you drive through some parts of NW Atlanta you can come to accept that from the vantagepoint of SOME of the residents - the police which patrol the community are the 'aggressive enforcers' - ESPECIALLY if you are a young Black male standing in front of a gas station or store front as they come along and constantly tell you to "Keep Moving".

But as we move beyond this one P.O.V. and consider the vantagepoint of the majority of people who merely want a SAFE, PREDICTABLE community - the truth is that THE POLICE MUST STEP IN to fill the void that has been excavated by a SET OF MOLESTED 'COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE" that would otherwise give the people a greater COLLABORATIVE PURPOSE.

The Face Of The Atlanta Police
I see this "Brother" as the "Face of The Atlanta Police" more than the police chief (or even the Mayor.   Mayor Bill Campbell edged himself in as 'The Voice Of The Police', while Reed has largely delegated this function).

He can be seen at every major incident in the city - so I assume that he is not bound by a 'Zone'.

The ironic point is that most of the "#Black Live Matter" Police Indictment activities that take place in Atlanta is against police actions IN OTHER STATES and/or regions of the nation.

The underlying point, however, is that despite the fact that THE POLICE DO WRONG and this is well noted - IN ATLANTA - there is a streaming set of painful truths coming from the STREET PIRATES - yet the ACTIVISTS are never around to give comfort to the VOICELESS (BLACK) PEOPLE who are terrorized in their own communities.

The Highest Ranking Government Official On The Scene
Just to self-appraise my position (or what you might assume about me).

Felicia  Moore is a long time Atlanta City Council member.  She is a Democrat.
She has been heavily involved in BOTH the 'Issues Activism' within her district AND 'The Fiscal Management' of the City.

Is She A Part Of The Problem?

The answer is NO!!

The proper rebuttal is, however, is:  "THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM THAT IS GOING TO BE SOLVED THROUGH POLITICS OR MORE POLITICAL POWER".    Atlanta IS the blueprint on how "Outsiders Took Over" and now must be dealt with by the "Corporate Powers" seeking to do business within.

The problem in Atlanta, as is the case in many of the other cities that this blog focus upon is that the RESIDENTIAL AREAS remain MARGINALIZED, regardless of the concentration of 'favorable power' in the government offices.

Ironically - after several decades of listening to "Democracy Now's" Amy Goodman say: "Justice and Democracy is NOT what is seen at the higher rungs of GOVERNMENT, but down at the lower levels where the GOVERNMENT interfaces with THE PEOPLE" - Atlanta is a perfect use case on how THE GOVERNMENT is the manifestation of what THE COMMUNITY POLITICAL LEADERSHIP had strived for.

The problem is, that this has transmuted into a GRAND HARVESTING OPERATION.
Instead of THE PEOPLE IMPOSING UPON "THE GOVERNMENT" to maintain their desired of standard of living (I'm talking trash pickup, policing, road maintenance, etc) WE HAVE a INCESTUOUS relationship by which the DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEOPLE is actually a "MAINTENANCE PROGRAM" by which "SOCIAL JUSTICE" through "REDISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE" is promoted.


With this as the case - the very same Mayor who facilitated the increase in HOUSING COSTS is the same Mayor who can claim credit for a Privately funded "Gentrification Pain Relief Fund".  

To be clear - I am not opposed to the redevelopment and expansion of the city's coffers.  Most certainly a strong tax base opens up options for more social services - if this is the prevailing bias among the city leaders.   JUST STOP PRETENDING that you are 'The Friend Of The Poor'.

Your MACHINE has HARVESTED THE VALUABLES from the poor districts in order to help it fight the NEXT STAGED BATTLE at the state level.   YOU HAVE control over the Churches, the Schools, the Community Centers - free to put on stage the content of your own choosing.   YOU CHOSE TO MILK THE 'CIVIL RIGHTS MEME' to a point where now its udders are DRIPPING BLOOD instead of milk - and yet you have the CORRUPT MEDIA still running interference.

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