Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dear "Black YouTube 'Non-White White Supremacist Political Secular Idol Worshipers Whose Money Got Cut Off By YouTube: PROTEST AGAINST BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA AND DEMAND THAT THEY USE THEIR $60.4 MILLION To Fund "BlackTube" And Pay Your Salary FOR DOING WHAT YOU HAD BEEN DOING FOR FREE FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS


This is not JUST about Phil(?) Advise.   There is a large list of other Black American "YouTube Stars" in the same mold.

I struggled to find the correct label for them:

  • Progressive Fundamentalist?  - No, not all of them
  • Racism Chasers?  Not the most accurate word
    • NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACIST is more appropriate.  THEY ALL INVITE THE "WHITE MAN" as their featured guest in EVERY SHOW.  (See the video above to affirm my point)
  • Black Democrats - again, not totally accurate.  Some are critical of the Democratic Party BUT since their ONLY expression of "Blackness" is through actions that ultimately come back to POLITICS - they are "Political Secularists" 
  • Idol Worshipers - YES.   They have you focused on "Black People" (In America) but this is mostly a guise to steal your SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT.  
    • This blog has listed in detail:  
      • The Best Way To Produce A "Black Passover" on the matter of Income Inequality is to have a WEALTHY BLACK ENTERTAINER to "Promote Support For The Cause" -and then half the Negroes in America will (VICARIOUSLY) move into their house and show at "WE Got" with pride
      • The NAACP and Maxine Waters are right now focused on Democratic victory in a 70% WHITE, WEALTHY 6th District of Metro Atlanta - while the "Mission Accomplished Black Zones" fear Gentrification and problems with their predominately Black schools
      • The FOUGHT THE WHITE REPUBLICANS THROUGH OBAMA - yet when the USA BOMBED AFRICA - they allowed their FRAUDULENT "BLACK OPPRESSION STUDIES PROGRAMS" to expose themselves as INCOMPETENT at addressing MODERN DAY ISSUES - because their BLACKNESS will never trump their PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM -and when the two collide they will RUN A DIVERSION SCHEME against Black people

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