Tuesday, May 09, 2017

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: As "White TrIump" Signs The So Called "Religious Liberty Executive Order" It Is FITTING That A Local News Station Went To "Ebenezer 'Dr King's Church" To Ask About "POLITICAL ACTIVIST PREACHING"


Remember that I told you that TECHNICALLY I am "Politically Pro Choice" on the subject of abortion BECAUSE I don't believe that the government should be involved in such intimate  matters BUT from a FUNCTIONAL CULTURAL standpoint "a people" need to bring forth value to the consummation of 'their future generations' by CULTURALLY regulating the relationships between men and women?


THE GOVERNMENT'S LAWS can remove the punishment for doing whatever the popular will yields.

THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR 'SPECIAL INTEREST' - be it RELIGION, 'RACIAL PERMANENT INTERESTS' or SOCIAL ORDER - must always be the SUPERIOR GUIDING SET OF VALUES - regardless of if you are FREED TO DO or PUNISHED FOR DOING what is out of alignment with the popular will.

To his credit MY PREACHER does not get involved with politics while preaching EXCEPT to crack jokes lampooning the people who 'Place Their Faith In The Idol Worshiping POLITICS" that promise "Heaven On Earth" - but only after defeating the political enemy.

What we are seeing is the grounds for MOLESTATION AND USURPATION.
Even as they blatantly REPLACE any strictures that their particular religion places upon a 'true disciple" - as they instead turn the CHURCH ORGANIZATION into yet another political platform while using the "Church Scaffolding" to continue their rituals (a group of people, meeting at least once a week, listening to a 'strong man on the podium give them direction and donate their money to fund the efforts that have been given 'RELIGIOUS COVER') the more that their INSTITUTIONS ARE MOLESTED yet THE PEOPLE'S FOUNDATIONS which define what "A PERSON SUBMITTING TO THE FAITH WOULD NOT DO" is transformed into the notion that "I AM POLITICALLY ACTIVE BECAUSE OF MY FAITH" (See the Black  judge from Arkansas) then the ENEMY who does not want you to SUBMIT YOURSELF TO A HIGHER POWER has actually WON.

He got you to FOCUS YOUR "CHRISTIAN WALK" upon the FIGHT AGAINST ANOTHER "MAN" - who functionally BECOMES YOUR GOD because his presence defines WHICH WAY YOU'LL WALK.
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