Monday, May 22, 2017

As 5 White Jurors Are Picked For The Bill Cosby Trial - Filled Negro Points To The Violence Of A White Man In West Chester To Call For A "Mistrial Due To Societal Racism" Before The Proceedings Even Start

Filled Negro Says:

"RACE STILL MATTERS IN JURY SELECTION, REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY MILLIONS A BLACK MAN HAS.  The number of WHITE WOMEN he is accused of raping matters far more in the minds of White jurors than money that he has to pay the legal bills for his defense attorneys."

Filled Negro Says:

"WHITE PEOPLE HAVE A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and lack of judgement in exerting their power.

How can too many of them be trusted to render judgment upon a Black man?"

A 29 Year Old White Man Imagined That He Was Punching A Black Man

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