Tuesday, May 02, 2017

America's State Religion: POLITICS. While The "Irritated Genie" Brings Forth A Powerful Expose' On How "The HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA" Had To Systematically Attack BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS In Order To RISE - We Must Look At This In Terms Of "SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT" That Collapsed After A FAKE IDOL WORSHIPING RELIGION Was Successfully Stood Up (In Black Face)

I normally keep a bit of a distance from "Single Issue Activists" BUT this expose' put together by "The Irritated Genie" is to powerful to ignore.

In my first review of the (fruadulent) "National Urban League - State Of Black American Report 2017 [More Accurately 'The Obama Administration Report Card"] in which there were more "EXCELLENT" and "SUPERIOR" ratings given -which affirmed my previous conclusion that the AGENDA of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" has been TOTALLY DECOUPLED from the "Condition Of 'American Containerized Blacks".     As such it was no surprise to see that the "National Urban League" cheered Obama for "Same Sex Marriage".

Though I disagree with "Irrigated Genie" when he says "Those who say - what two consenting adults do behind closed door is none of my business" are HOMOPHILES or PROSEXUAL - it is NO SURPRISE TO me that what is sold as "ANTI-DISCRIMINATION" is actually ONLY and attack on a people's SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT".

The proper statement for "Irritated Genie " to make is that BLACK CULTURAL NORMS - which themselves MUST BE tied to the "GLOBAL PURPOSE" that any VIRTUAL member who agrees to SUBMIT their individual agenda to - MUST BE HANDLED OUTSIDE OF THE "(AMERICAN) POLITICAL REALM".

We cannot allow the GOVERNMENT to enforce "Abortion Regulations" or "Sex Regulations" upon INDIVIDUAL BODIES.  This is a job for STRONG AND PURPOSE DRIVEN CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS that maintain alignment with A PURPOSE.

In this sense I was able to break free from the assumptions that "Democrats are Pro-Gay" and "Republicans Are Pro-Traditional Hetrosexaul relationships" when the narrative made the case that both the Reagan and Bush I/Bush II administrations did their part in making HOMOSEXUALS A PROTECTED MINORITY.

  •  A Gay Person Can "Go Straight" and relinquish his membership in this Minority
  • A Woman can now have a "Sex Change Operation" and join the ranks of Male Privilege
  • BUT A Black Person would need to start off being indistinguishable White in order to "Pass"

As much as we hear the "Naval Gazing" about how "Affirmative Action" has lost its "Black Exclusivity" - when it comes time to ENFORCE "Black Safe Spaces" - leave it up to PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM to (To hold the red cap of WHITE SUPREMACY in front of the 'Raging Black Bull) REFRAME THE ISSUE and ultimately ADVANCE PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM at the expense of the Negro's ORIGINAL "Black Conscious" / "Reparations" position.

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