Friday, April 14, 2017

Willie D - The Coon Whisperer - MY INTERPRETATION Of His "Analysis Of HIp Hop Coons" And The Slight Of Hand Manifest Within His Argument

CLARITY: (Per The Recommendation Of Yvette Carnell: IF You Are Going To Call Someone Out BE SPECIFIC).

So This Is My Viewpoint After Listening To The "Go After The Coons In Hip Hop" Video (Which You MUST Also Understand That He Spends More Time Going After "Coon" In The Political Space, Who Fail To Tote The Water That He Is Carrying)

TRIBUTARY - Willie D Argues that Hip Hop was originally a MESSENGER SERVICE about the cold truth in "The Ghetto".  Certainly "Grand Master Flash's" smash hit personifies this point.  I do not contest this point.

THE MEANDER - These 'Founders Of Hip Hop" should indeed be credited for forging a new music genre that has lead to tens of thousands of hours of enjoyment BY MYSELF.  I have always been impressed by people who speak the language of music and who can mix the instrumentals from one track into the lyrics of a modern performer.  This is both a gift and an art.

THE CONFLUENCE - "When Hip Hop Was Welcomed On MTv". Yup.  FOLLOW THE MONEY.  The tales about the 'upcoming artist who sold cassettes from the trunk of his beat up car' transitioned into the Young one who grew up in the Hood and used his signing bonus to buy the most expensive Mercedes or Lexus in the showroom.

Willie D makes the case that "HIS MUSIC" was "Cautionary Music".
While he did not JUDGE the 'Drug Dealer' who was 'Selling Ronald Reagan's poison" into the Black community - he painted a picture to them of WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN at the end of this dark alley.

Notice that Willie D calls out those forces who DESTROYED HIP HOP with the spirit of self-indulgence and Beefs YET he quickly turns the story over to a LITMUS TEST based upon a person's view about THE MIKE BROWN SHOOTING IN FERGUSON.

"The 5th Ward Of Houston" puts to death HUNDREDS of Black people per year.  WHAT ATTRIBUTE OF MIKE BROWN compelled Willie D to make the juxtaposition, focusing on the WHITE POLICE and one's failure to GET SUFFICIENTLY ANGRY at them, missing their chance at REDEMPTION?

Willie D speaks of the CULTURE THAT HE AND OTHER 'O.G.s" laid down for today's hip hop artists who are now seeing "Pearls cast before Pigs"

BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!  When we talk about BLACK CULTURE the focus is upon the "STOLEN MYSTICAL MAGICAL CULTURE FROM AFRICA' that was STOLEN BY THE WHITE MAN during slavery.  Is Willie D now admitting that there are indeed some aspects of so called "Black American CULTURE" that had been sufficiently curated, only to be cast to the mud by those Black people today that have lost their way?

Why is Willie D so apt to talk about THE WHITE MAN (more accurately the "White Right Wing Enemy") and even agree to COMPROMISE HIS OWN INTEGRITY - but SO UNWILLING to take a sober look at how HE IS LITTLE MORE THAN AN "AMERICAN POLITICAL OPERATIVE WHO IS BLACK"?  

Admittedly when I was younger I used to be intimidated and impressed by "LOUD BLACKS" (Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings, etc).   Thanks to time, maturity and STRUCTURED SOCIOLOGICAL AND GROUP PSYCHOLOGICAL observation and inferences I see that TIME, CONTEXT AND CIRCUMSTANCE will cause those of the GREATEST, MOST ANGRY "CONFIDENCE MEN' to MOLEST the Institutional Integrity of the Black Community as they are CONFIDENT that "The Negro" (like Willie B) WILL GO ALONG.

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