Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tyair Jabbar(20), Ronald Fenwick(32) and Marcello Robertson(27): PROGRESSIVE PHILLY RISING Vows To Make Sure That The "3 Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt In North Philly In April 2017 During The 'PROGRESSIVE ERA' " NEVER Grow Into The Symbol Of SOCEITAL HATRED In Philly PA, The Same Way That "Chaney, Goodman And Schwerner" Came To Epitomize White Hatred In Philly Mississippi

NOT King, Al Shabaaz And Evers
NOT Trayvon, Brown And Sterling
NOT Bland, McBride Or The Black Girl In McKinney TX
NOT The 4 Little Church Girls Of Montgomery
NOT Rosa Parks
NOT The Black Woman Beaten In Selma
NOT The Black Men Lynched And The Black Women Raped Throughout American History

ONLY Another Set Of "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" In Today's Latest Flair Up Of 'Urban Violence', That Lacks The Benefit For PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM For Their Black Lives To Be Included In The BLACK-FACED PROGRESSIVE NARRARIVE

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