Monday, April 17, 2017

"TrumPETs" Can't Help Themselves. Despite Claiming That "North Korean Poses A Serious Threat" They Keep On Usines References To "STRONG" (President/US Military) And Bashing Obama/Bill Clinton

In as much as it is true that "Black Faced Progressives" who IGNORED THE "US CIA/NATO COUP IN LIBYA" are guilty of AMERICAN POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM at the cost of the sovereignty of "Nations Of Color" - their WHITE RIGHT WING POLITICAL ENEMIES in America are the ones POKING THE STICK AT THEM with their "Attacks On Obama" as the scheme to run a counter-narrative to their own fraudulent foreign / military policies.

If you listened to VP Pence speak in South Korean recently he kept referring to "Strong President" and "Strong US Military" in support of the propaganda that will induce the 'TrumPets" into going along with the war drums against yet another "Nation Of Color" because they like the "Strong White Gunboat Policy".

Trump is working double time to make references to Obama and President Clinton's policies on North Korea, making the case that they are responsible for today's conflict.  
The North Korean leader has a different take on the matter, making the case that the PERCEIVED INCREASED AGGRESSIVENESS of the Trump Administration is the force that is inducing them to shift from "Karate" to "Krazy".

There is no military outcome with North Korea that avoids killing tens of thousands of people in the process.  North Korea is a "Kelpto-state" who has a greater need for external resources to keep their system afloat.   WHY attack past presidents for "Kicking The Can Down The Road" when the LARGER BOMB aimed at America is its "MOUNTING NATIONAL DEBT" - which every political operative kicks down the road as we live in the present.

To engage North Korea in a heightened state removes the collective American attention away from the critical UNMET PROMISES that the ENTIRE FRAUDULENT CAPITALIST POLITICAL SYSTEM has strung you along with for several decades.
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