Sunday, April 23, 2017

The "Black Woman Seen Crying On The Evening News" In Atlanta: "My Son Is Not Going To Come Back". His Killer Or The 'Black Women Seen Crying' ARE NOT "PEOPLE Of Interest" To The Civil Rights Pharisees Whose POWER Comes From Their Ability To MISDIRECT 'Containerized Blacks'

This Would Have Been The Scene Of "GOOD VIOLENCE" AGAINST "Black Sentiment Molestation" Had The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Attempted TO EXPLOIT THIS SITUATION By Using The Scene Of A LARGE COLLECTION OF BLACK PEOPLE To Run A "BLACK VOTER REGISTRATION" / Harvesting Scheme - And Redirect Their Grief Toward "GUN CONTROL" And To Protest The "NRA MEETING IN ATLANTA" Next Week

Baba Xigmadda WARNED 'Dr Mays' Some 60 Years Ago That Since ALL HUMANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN EQUAL - The SUCCESS At EQUAL PARTICIPATION In American Politics Would Be A BIG PAYOFF For What Ever "Affliate RESERVOIR The Negro" Poured His Black Valuables Into And That The 'LOCAL BLACKS' And The "REST OF WORLD BLACKS" Are The One's Who Would CATCH HELL As The CORRUPT LEADERSHIP Focused On INTEGRATED POLITICAL NATIONALISM 

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