Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Philly Mayor Kenney - The Epitome Of How "Elected Official Activism" In Support Of POPULAR Mandates Are Also Often Incompetent At Addressing The More Substantive Issues Injuring His Constituents

First they made "Small Amounts Of Marijuana" permissible in response to the claim of "Mass Incarceration", to the delight of the activists.

TODAY after the police uncover a  MASSIVE AMOUNT of Marijuana - instead of having their "CIVILIAN BOSS" tell the PARTY GOERS that they have CROSSED THE LINE, he lashes out at THE POLICE and then the PENNSYLVANIA STATE LEGISLATURE for failing to remove all sanctions on Marijuana.

Anyone who believes that "THEY WILL STOP" at some point and declare VICTORY in their unchecked expansionary agenda and then turn back from their "West Coast boundary" and go back to fortify the GOVERNANCE in the lands that they have conquered MUST BE SMOKING FENTANYL LACED MARIJUANA to fortify their beliefs.

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