Sunday, April 30, 2017

Filled Negro Says: "It Is MYOPIC To Draw Black People's Attention To The Women Shot In Chester PA Or Camden New Jersey When The WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY Is Plotting To Control The Uterus Of All Women Of Color Around The World In The Name Of ' Racist White Genetic Perpetuation' "

Side Note: Why is it that the NY Times is keen on driving home the meme of the "Hispanic Migrant Women Who Do Not Call The Police, Out Of Fear Of Deportation (or a more massive search for citizenship verification than the original call for help entailed) BUT the "BLACK WOMAN WHO DOES NOT WANT HER FACE SHOWN ON THE TELEVISION OUT OF FEAR OF RETALIATION BY THE STREET PIRATES THAT RULE HER STREETS AFTER THE POLICE GO AWAY" has NEVER been of interest to the NY Times researchers and MOST CERTAINLY Con Man Charles Blow is not going to do any statistics that provoke the defense of Black Women at the expense of Progressive Nationalism.


A Black Woman Was Shot In The Stomach Several Times


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