Saturday, April 22, 2017

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: ATLANTA - The Future Of Integrated JUSTICE Teamwork: Two Teams Of Diverse Criminal Defendants, Victims, Prosecution, Defense Team Functions, Judge, Court Security, Jury And Jury Of Public Opinion - All Feed By The News Media

The Local News Media - Team A - With A Higher Commitment To Journalistic Integrity

Local News Media Team B - Who Compete With Team A For Viewership And Ad Revenues
CBS46 News

The Individuals ON TRIAL As Prompted By The Most Spectacular Murder Trial Going On In Georgia Today
White Female Homicide Victim
Diane Mciver - Dead From A Gunshot Wound She Sustained While Riding In A Vehicle With Her Husband As He Handled A Handgun.

(Some charge that he retrieved it while he was riding through a SKETCHY neighborhood)
White Man - Her Husband: Rich Lawyer And Civic Fixture - Indicted For Her Murder
Tex Mciver - Now Subjected As A 'Ward Of The Court' 
Black Man - His Lead Attorney
The Attorney who attests that Tex McIver has been working with law enforcement authorities to confirm that he has handed over all 22 of the firearms he owned - in compliance with the conditions of his bond.
Black Man - The Fulton County Lead Prosecutor On The Case SEEKING TO PUT THE WHITE MAN BACK IN JAIL Because A Search Warrant Seeking Financial Evidence Found A Firearm In His Buckhead Condo
The lead attorney representing "The People Of Fulton County" who wants to let it be known - that NEITHER WEALTH NOR WHITE RACE will allow a criminal defendant to skirt the law in Fulton County of 2017!!!

Though GREAT WEALTH does allow a defendant to hire a highly professional defense and public relations team.

Black Man - A Local Journalist, Democratic Voice On A Local Political Talkshow, Hired As THE WHITE MAN'S Spokes Person

As a long time media veteran in Atlanta - Jeff Dickerson knows how to "Code Switch" - based upon the venue that he is working in.

As long as you "go along with the game" and STOP believing the "Racial Narratives" that Political Opportunists need for you to believe - PEOPLE WILL HIRE YOU - not as a "Sell out" BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE PROVEN SKILLS that are valuable to them at their time of need. 
Predominately Black Fulton County Sheriff Deputies - Control The Court Security And The Fulton County Jail That Is Featured On "60 Days In"
This picture is the sign of GREAT WEALTH and 'Working Poor' BUT the stereotypes of RACE and  "STATE AGENCY" are referenced from the population NARRATIVE that you are expected to believe.

The Corrupt 'Black Faced Progressive Propaganda Media' - DESPITE THE EARLY ONSET OF "BLOODY SUMMER - ATLANTA" And Other Cities - A WHITE MAN WHO OFFENSE THEIR "BLACK SENSITIVITIES" Has A Better Chance Of Being FEATURED Than 10 Street Pirates Who Matriculated Through The "Obama's My Brother's Keeper" Political Scheme And Later Murdered A Black Man

Source - The Grio
The White Female (Hispanic?) Driver Of The SUV That The Shooting Took Place Within
The THIRD PERSON who was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.
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