Friday, April 28, 2017

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: Until Progressives (Regardless Of Race) ADMIT The Role That Their THEORIES Have Played In To THEFT Of 'Black Community Valuables', Which Were EXTRACTION HARVESTED And Redirected Toward Political Opporutnism - UNDER-DEVELOPED BLACK PEOPLE Will Have To Withstand Yet Another Harvest Season With Each Election

Those Who Seek To HARVEST The Black Community Valuables In Order To USE THIS RESOURCE To Fight A Larger Progressive Fundamentalist Battle Will Create A Fraudulent Scheme Such As:  "RECENT SLAVERY" - Because They Want To ABSTRACT The INVESTMENTS That Black People Make From The Measurement Of Their RESULTING UPLIFT.

Those Of Us Who See How "AMERICAN CAPITALIST POLITICS" Is The Primary Means Of MOLESTING PEOPLE - Will Make Use Of Standard "Investment Measurement Techniques" Such As " A TIME SERIES", "The Quantity Of Valuables Invested" AND Then Focus On The FRAUDULENT 'PROSPECTUS" From The Investment Advisers - Which Promise The People Untold Wealth - Fully Aware That They Are Not Regulated By The SEC Or FCC Or FTC Because In Politics The Only Weapon Of Defense That The People Have Is Their SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT
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