Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: "Black Athletes Accused Of Domestic Abuse" AS WITH "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS": Our Punitive 'One Strike And You're Out' Society Is Going To Suppress REPORTING TO THE POLICE AUTHORITIES

Source: Athens Herald

Almost 3 years after the fact - I am still not on speaking terms with a lifelong friend who I now see is an "Intellectual coward".

On the subject of football player "Ray Rice" being caught punching his fiance (who is now his wife) I engaged in a debater on my friend's FaceBook page.   Despite the fact that my friend saying HE AGREED WITH MY POSITION (via personal messages) my statements to the BLACK WOMEN on his page that THEY are sounding awfully like WHITE FOLKS in their desire to leverage the NFL as their "blunt instrument" to punish Ray Rice, ensuring that he never set foot in the NFL again.

Despite the numerous times that I told everyone that I did not support Ray Rice's actions (and that I have never hit my wife) - THEIR NAME CALLING AGAINST ME was to be accepted.  When I dared called one of my friends 'FB Friends' a 'Pius Queen' (or something like that) - my friend - the CORRUPT REFEREE on his FB page got mad at ME for "calling names".

He did warn me to "Not argue with angry women, its a lost cause".
I (foolishly) believed that IF the "Independent Women" of today sought equal voice in social /political deliberations then YOU hold THEM to the very same standards as you seek to hold ME - as a male.   It seemed that my sarcasm was a greater violation than their outright name calling against me.

Though this is an aside - it is RELEVANT.

Last week University of Georgia recruit D’Antne Demery was arrested for assault and battery of his girlfriend - and mother of his child.  UGA REVOKED their 'letter of intent'.

I hope and pray that everyone reading this are able to look at the MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INTERDEPENDENCE that is going on here.

I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A MAN SHOULD "PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN" (Unless He Has To Defend Himself Against A Woman Who Has No Respect For His Own Right To Physical Safety [By Hitting Him In His Private Parts] )

I believe that everyone agrees that the lives of the high school aged Black man named D'Antne Demery and young child and the mother of his child (name not released in any of the reports that I have seen) are INTRACTABLY INTERCONNECTED.

OF COURSE - IF THAT WAS MY DAUGHTER that D'antne was seen physically and verbally abusing I might indeed have a disposition of "Screw That N*gga!.  He'll get what he deserves and will never see my daughter again."

D'antne was WRONG for resorting to physical violence in this situation.

His child will no doubt be injured by what the 'System' did in revoking his ticket into college and the resulting earning potential therein.

Source - LA Times (Please note the paid ad for the football camp from the pro sports team)
  • Was this a continuing pattern of violence or a one time event?
  • What are the present views of the girl friend about the incident?
If "Three Strikes And You're Out" was an example of 'Zero Tolerance' which 'Filled The Jail Cells' - what do we say about ONE INCIDENT and 'You Are Done' in respect to athletes and domestic violence?

Today the news is that Adrian Peterson (accused of spanking his child) has signed a contract with another team after being tarnished by the (overhyped) publicity.

IF we are going to argue that "Denying A Man The Ability To Feed His Family" is a legitimate punitive measure in order to add to the COSTS of Domestic Violence - FINE I can live with this.


Lets switch over the hot potato argument about "Illegal Immigration".
THIS TIME - we are expected to shift away from THE ASSAILANT - and make our indictment against THE SYSTEM.
The system's revocation of 'The Letter Of Intent" now takes the form of DEPORTATION of an individual who was not legally in this country in the first place (Note:  Overstaying one's visa is just as common as an illegal border crossing).

As the story goes - the more hostile the US government is in reference to "Illegal Immigration" - coupled with the collaboration by local police - make it so that IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES will refuse to work with the police - out of fear that a domestic dispute will escalate into the SPLINTERING OF A FAMILY - an outcome far worse than the physical beating.


Do we "Give The Domestic Assailant what he deserves?"
Or do we "Consider the broader context and consequences of society's punitive sanction?"

You can't have it both ways.

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