Monday, April 17, 2017

Constructive Feedback University: "The Black Brand" And Gimmicks - One Black Teacher Improves The Graduation Rate Of Black Students - WHO Does This Place The Onus On To Improve Black Graduation Rates?

A Black Teacher In 3rd, 4th or 5th Grade

I can take this post in a number of different ways.

  • Sarcastically:  
    • "After all of these years of complaining about 30 year old text books - it turns out that the Education Activists should have been getting their own Teaching Certificate"
    • "Rev William Barber wanted to have 'poor Black kids' being distributed as 'poverty pawns' among White schools, now we know that he should have been preaching to his Black Social Justice Warriors, compelling them to become that 'One Black Teacher' that RAISING BLACK GRADUATION RATES MORE THAN SITTING IN A CLASSROOM FULL OF WHITE KIDS.
  • Experientially: 
    • While it is TRUE that my 6th grade teacher was the best teacher I ever had and she was Black - MY 5TH GRADE TEACHER was the very worse teacher I ever had in my life.   
  • Empirically: 
    • IF the latest 'research gimmick' can receive such wide acclaim in certain media venues - then WHAT IS NEXT for them to tell you?   While a mentor and role model is an important feature in the motivation of young people - what about all of the other resources:
      • Instructional Resources
      • Facilities
      • A Culture Of Discipline And Respect
      • Parental Involvement / Community Engagement
      • A Safe Community Surrounding The School


It is irrational for anyone to argue: "This is a bad idea.  You Blacks were pushing for a world where 'Content Of Character' and not 'Color of Skin' was the primary qualifier."

This argument sets them up to be dismissed with the statement" "This is STILL a racist society so until you WHITE PEOPLE stop being racist then Black students need all of the positive Black teaching mentors as possible.  They know what is going on at the hands of White teachers."

The larger strategic flaw in this line of argument (the heralding of the notion of the 'One Black Teacher Meme') is that it presupposes some "Magical Black Insight" possessed by Black teachers and some nefarious intent by the White teachers that are in the majority.

We have already been feed many "bread crumbs" on the subject of "White Teachers Doubt The Capabilities Of Their Black Students" per YouTube and other recent articles.

While these narratives focus on two actors:  "White Teachers" and "Black (male) Students" it purposely avoids speaking to the SUPPORTING CAST:
  • Black Parents
  • The "Black Adults' who WOULD BE Teachers but chose another profession
  • The "Prevailing Memes Of The Black Community" which prefers to focus on "White Racism Claims" than to "Provide A MISSION AND A PURPOSE" in which "YOU get your teacher certification and create 1,000 net new Black graduates than what an all White teaching staff would have produced"
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - "Black Politics / Activistism / Secular Preaching / Black Grievance Entertainment AS PERFORMANCE ART" Incompetent At GOVERNING The Black Community Toward Directed Outcomes
Again - my 5th grade teacher INJURED OUR EDUCATION.
Not only did she sit in front of the class all day long, after having passed out preprinted course work for us to read and fill in the blanks - our class had about 3 holdovers, who had been held back either one or two times.   Placing older disruptive kids in with young people produced a bullying and 'class clowning' situation that retarded the education for the rest of us.

This incompetent teacher tuned out the majority of the chaos until the 'paper clips fired by the rubber band tied around the fingers, the spit balls or the shouting - exceeded here threshold - which itself was incompetent. 

My 6th grade teacher WAS the reference model that this study points to.  She used to tell us "None of you are going to embarrass me, embarrass your parents or embarrass YOURSELVES when you go out of my classroom and tell the world what you really are.".    

I used to be scared of her.  But I knew she had our best interests in mind.   The stack of rulers that she used on our hands assisted in getting her message through to us.

Admittedly I still have the "Gold Shield" that she awarded me as the top student in her class.

STILL since the research claims that a BLACK TEACHER is the key my own experience makes this an over simplification:
  • I had a superior teacher who was a Black female.  I had an incompetent teacher who was a Black female
The proper research is: "STUDENTS NEED A TEACHER WHO CAN INSPIRE THEM TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS.   BLACK TEACHERS are more likely to have a Point Of View AS A BLACK PERSON, allowing those with the skills of INSPIRATION to provide a more customized experience based upon first hand experiences.

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