Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Congratulations To Georgia 6th District Democratic Candidate Jon Ossoff For Stirring Things Up In Georgia Partisan Politics

Had upstart Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff pulled off a 50%+ election victory to avoid a runoff in the election that had the Republican vote split 11 ways this would have been a massive coup.

The 6th Distirct of Georgia is 72% White and has a Cook Partisan Index of "R+8".
Add to it the fact that Jon Ossoff was funded with more than $8 million, mostly from outside of the state of Georgia and you understand how much an outright victory would have been the headline news today.


  1. I do not support "One Party Rule" of our national government.   I hope that the Democrats take over either the US House or US Senate in 2018 because a DIVIDED GOVERNMENT (despite the grandstanding) cuts back on the FRAUDULENT LEGISLATION that is put forth.   ONLY legislation that is serious enough to pass a divided government gets through.  And if both "Dung Producing Party Animals" rather play games then the deadlock will produce backlash from the populace 
  2. "One Party Rule" at the local level allows CLEAR MINDED PEOPLE to (eventually) come to  the realization that some problems are A-POLITICAL and must be solved OUTSIDE OF THE REALM OF POLITICS - despite what the SECULAR CONFIDENCE MEN would have you to believe about their RELIGION OF POLITICS

I actually marvel at how certain forces reveal themselves in the domain of politics:

  • While we have not heard much about "Campaign Finance Reform" when the Democrats got the lions share of money in the "Hillary vs Trump" campaign and the 'Ossoff vs Others" - it is clear that these rules are only used when the advantage is against them.
  • For the Republicans the "HE'S NOT ONE OF US" rhetoric used against Ossoff in their various campaign commercials shows that this insular group has a tired old template in which "Blacks", Non-Christians" and "Immigrants" can be plugged into this FORM LETTER for mass mailing to their constituents. 

Sad to say - the math does not look good for Ossoff in the run off.

While he got (from memory) about 92,000 votes.   The sum of the long list of Republicans receive 99,000 votes.

I am tired of hearing these campaign ads that have NOTHING to do with GOVERNANCE and ONLY are based in drawing upon one's PARTY LOYALTIES.

To its credit the 6th district is a very wealthy suburban district with a building boom and massive traffic jams to match.  (I forgot to steal a few campaign signs as I drove through there the other day).
While THIS election is merely a NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTY PROXY FIGHT - I just feel bad for ACTUALLY POOR DISTRICTS who believe that NATIONAL POLITICS is going to change their condition.

It is national politics that serve as the primary EXTRACTIVE FORCE that is HARVESTING THE "COMMUNITY VALUABLES OUT" of their lands.
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