Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Very Same "Civil Rights Pharisees" Who Said "We Must Make An EXAMPLE Out Of The White Racist Confederates Who Intimidated Black People At A Birthday Party By 'Throwing The Book At Them' OR ELSE WHITE PEOPLE Will Start To Believe That They Can TERRORIZE BLACK PEOPLE AGAIN WITH IMPUNITY (Thanks To Trump) Are Now Asking For Mercy As The Latest "Street Pirate Who Is Black" Performs An ARMED CAR JACKING Against A Black Couple In SouthWest Atlanta - Fearing That His BLACK VOTE Will Be Stripped Away

White Confederates Get 13 Years For RACIALLY INTIMIDATING A Group Of Black People At A Children's Party In Douglass County Georgia
A Black Man And Woman Get Carjacked In Southwest Atlanta - Joining A Growing List Of Middle Class Black People Who Have Been Terrorized By 'Street Pirates Who Are Black'

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