Thursday, March 09, 2017

Dear Tommy Sotomayor: I Ultimately Have To REJECT Your Analysis On "WHITE LIBERALS" Because The HARVESTING OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY VALUABLES Into The "GRAIN ELEVATORS" Controlled By The "Confederation Of Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Factions" Need BLACK-FACED PROGRESSIVES To Put The Mop Handle In The Back Door Of The Black Community

AGAIN - I agree with many of the STARTING points of "Black Conservatives" like Tommy Sotomayor and "Irritated Genie" as well as "Non-Machine Black Progressives" like Yvette Carnnel (and racism chasers like Dr Boyce Watkins).

I AM FORCED TO PART COMPANY WITH ALL OF THEM Because They Function As "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACISTS" When They Focus On A "WHITE-CENTRIC NARRATIVE" While Unable To Bring Themselves To See That The World's MAJORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE Do Not Have WHITE LIBERALS Or WHITE CONSERVATIVES In Arms Reach Inside Of Their Government, Derailing Their Outcomes.

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