Saturday, March 18, 2017

Constructive Feedback University: WHY Is There So Much Cross-Network Advertising Between HBO, BET, A&E and Viceland? Jay-Z Executive Producer Of A 'Criminal INjustice Documentary. Bill Maher Films Modern Day 'Jungle Capitalists' Who Go Into "The D.R. Congo" To Profit From An Exotic Strand Of Marijuana After Paying Off African Chieftains

ABC would not allow their rivals CBS, NBC and FOX to run advertisements that draw their viewers away to these other networks - and produce a NET LOSS in viewership away from their 'WEB of cable channels.

BUT WHAT IF in this world of "Media Consolidation" there is a mesh of interconnecting interests in which content providers who have shared INTERESTS are seen collaborating to keep their viewers in a heightened state of awareness about what the INTERESTS OF THE INTERCONNECTED INTERESTS want them to stay aware of?

"The Daily Show", now that it has a "Black" host is now syndicated on "BET" - MORESO because its Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist message fits perfectly in the ecosystem that "National Amusements/ Viacom/ BET" wants to project to Black Americans.

ON BET - Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter is the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on a 6 part series about the MASS INCARCERATION, focusing on what Jay-Z calls "A PROFIT OF OUR TIME" who was detained in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT at RIKERS ISLAND for 1,000 days, falsely accused of stealing a backpack.

The show features "Van Jones" (of CNN), Al Sharpton (Of MSNBC) and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter (Of Tidal).   Of of these operatives are attempting to make you believe that this EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCE in which one Black male has fallen through the cracks of the system is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES in "racist America" of today.

ON HBO - "Vice" has a documentary show featuring two Marijuana millionaire moguls and "Pharmacia" going on an expedition into the "Democratic Republic Of The Congo" to find a POWERFUL STRAIN OF MARIJUANA that has THCV - the cousin of THC.  Where as the normal "THC" gives you 'the munchies', THCV suppresses your appetite and could be the next great WEIGHT LOSS ingredient - as well as
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