Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Post By Yvette Carnell That I AGREE WITH - Without Reservations

If I am critical of a person then I should also highlight when I agree with that same person.

Yvette Carnell is correct:   YOU CANNOT BELIEVE the claims of certain 'People Who Made It' unless you fully understand WHAT THEY DID and/or who might have done it for them.

But I am not here to discuss THAT issue.

What makes this "Yvette Carnell video" DIFFERENT?

She stuck on the MAIN POINT:  "WORK YOUR OWN PLAN.  Make Sure That It Is Sufficiently Detailed".  Look for MENTORS to HELP YOU to model your plan.  BUT IN THE END it is a COLLABORATION and not an individual effort.

Carnell DID NOT go off in a tangent on how Since INTERGENERATIONAL WEALTH was present in the family of the woman who paid off the $200,000 THEREFORE most Black people are shut out of this as a strategy BECAUSE SLAVERY STOLE OUR WEALTH and therefore only REPARATIONS is the cure.

The PROBLEM with the REPARATIONS strategy is that it focuses on what the purveyors are CERTAIN THEY ARE OWED IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE....but it fails to factor how UNLIKELY it is to be received and as a result proves to be a STUNTING concept that blocks the clarity that ORGANIC GROWTH WITHIN THE RANKS OF BLACK SOCIETIES will aggregate a NEW FORTUNE in the NEXT INTERVALS OF TIME - producing PEOPLE who can carry on in perpetuity
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