Monday, February 06, 2017

"The 84 Lumber Ad" = The Dumbest Ad In Television History - Why Not Show WHY The Mexicans/Central Americans Want To Move Here And Then Gather A "Freedom Summer" Bus Convoy To Stop The Gangland Killings That Are Equal To Anything Suffered In The "Civil Rights South' Of The Past?

This was not an "offensive" ad.
It was a STUPID AD.

Ironically the "American Airports" have immigration and customs enforcement to ensure that everyone - citizen or not - complies with the law.

The propaganda "84 Lumber" ad DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about immigration law.

FINE!  You want to connect with them PEOPLE TO PEOPLE - why don't you stop allowing SELF-INDULGENT OPERATIVES to proclaim that they are "GIVING OF THEMSELVES' - when they are merely ENGAGING IN A POLITICAL BATTLE against their RIGHT WING ENEMIES in America.

Take the Corrupt Left Wing Activists who are "fighting in America"
And the Corrupt Right Wing Activists who claim to have some higher 'Religious calling" and GO TO MEXICO to provide DIRECT - NON-GOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT for the 150 million Hispanics (in Mex an Central America) WHO WON'T BE CROSSING THE BORDER but who are desperate for PROTECTION FROM TERRORISM.

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