Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fraud & Hokum's Journal: Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Danny Glover And Harry Belafonte Rebuke Any Calls For Them To Comment On The Current Conditions In Venezuela And All Ask That We Appraise Their Judgment Based Upon Their Fight Against TRUMP's Attempt To Destroy 'Socialized Medicine' And Attack The Poor In America, Forcing Them To Eat All Of The Flamingos At American Zoos

Source: ABC News

CLAIM:   Venezuelans Are Eating Flamingos, Donkeys, Cats And Dogs

COUNTERCLAIM: It Is The AMERICAN CORPORATE MEDIA That Is LYING About Venezuela.  They Need To Focus On The RIGHT-WING CORPORATIONS In Venezuela That Are Hoarding Food And Reselling Them At Inflated Prices



The most important bottom line fact from all of this is:  THE VENEZUELAN ECONOMY HAS STRUCK A CORAL REEF AND IS LISTING TO THE SIDE.   With oil as the mainstay of the economy and past/present governments having used this as their cash cow, while failing to reinvest sufficient funds back into the upkeep of the oil infrastructure - when the global price of oil tanked - MANY NATIONS had their economies wrecked as they lost this important income source.

This is the objective assessment of Venezuela.

From this we can conclude that the "Bolivarian Socialist Movement" was not sustainable BECAUSE it was based upon an income funding scheme that was not diverse.  Venezuela is not a net producer of anything (other than petroleum).

While I can accept that the news of "Flamingos" being consumed for food by humans is salacious - even if a few incidents of this happening is being exploited into a national trend - but the Telsur article attempting to defend the nation's honor is just as problematic.

If you notice their main agenda item is to discredit the "American media propaganda" against Venezuela and then shift the blame to RIGHT-WING FORCES INSIDE OF VENEZUELA.

In passing they agree that "There is a food shortage in Venezuela" but instead of second guessing the basic tenants that the past few national leaders have put forth - they choose to scapegoat the "Greedy Corporations" who are hoarding food and reselling it for great profit.

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