Monday, February 27, 2017

Fraud And "The Academy Awards" - PREDICTION - The Faux Battle - "A Black Man Named Steve Harvey Made A Mistake And They Castrated Him. When A White Man Named Warren Beatty Made A Mistake Everyone Laughed It Off" (Constructive Feedback University - The Fact That "Moonlight" Was Chosen Over 'Fence' Shows Just How Much The 'American Containerized Black Culture' No Longer Even Pretends To Desire Struggle Through Traditional Family Structures Any Longer')

I Just Saw A Ghost

These people are used at the barometers in the lives of so many.
The content that they produce is meant to provide a narrative of the larger world.
Yet their depiction of this LARGER WORLD is so frequently and maliciously misrepresented.

How is it possible that in an awards show that is supposedly the pinnacle of achievement - such a big mistake was allowed - and the supposed wrong winner was allowed to speak for such a long time?

The news that a WHITE MAN named Warren Beatty screwed up on world stage is immediately going to be compared to when a BLACK MAN named Steve Harvey made a similar mistake.

This is how this fake world works

I just rented "Moonlight" on streaming video after it was awarded.

The fact that it was judged a SUPERIOR "Black" FILM to that of "Fences" shows a large truth about so called "Black America" and how both modern day Blacks and Whites in America VIEW the cinematic depictions of Black people.

For a "people" who resent having WHITE PEOPLE depict them as:

  • Criminals
  • Drug Dealers
  • Drug Addicts
  • Welfare Dependents 
  • Crackheads
  • Prostitutes
  • Morally Vacuous 
  • Violent
  • Undisciplined (In School)
  • Lacking Worth Ethic
  • Sexually Promiscuous seems that when "Hollywood" gives WHITES AND BLACKS a sampling of the above list AND a "Black Family" (in Fences) who stayed together and did not fall to anything on the list - it was the REAL BIGOTS who expressed themselves in the voting and the praise that a "Creative Black Film" was finally judged THE BEST by The Academy.

It is clear that "#OSCARS SO WHITE" was not the greatest threat to Black people after all.

#What You Value Is What You AFFIRM In Your Propaganda - is the greatest threat.

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