Thursday, February 23, 2017

DEAR BLACK FACED CONSERVATIVES!! Why Do You Defend Your So Called "Conservatism" By Fighting American Progressives Using TRUMP As A Proxy, Instead Of Focusing On HOW "Formerly Settled People" Were Turned Into "MIGRANTS" Because Of The Conditions In Their Nation That Made It HOSTILE For Their Continued Survival?

Dear Anthony Brian Logan:

Step back and look at your content.

On the matter of "Migrants In Sweden" committing crimes - YOU are focused on deliberating over President Trump's words and the "Fake News" that it generated in response - BUT on the subject of SOMALIA - you called it a "Third World Nation".

I have a peeve about people who use the term "Third World" by the way.


I would be dishonest to simply point to the several "US Drone Strikes" that have rained down upon Somalia over the past several years - without also pointing out the "Warlords" whose short sighted selfish interests prevent a STRONG NATION with TRANSPARENT INSTITUTIONS from being created.

(This is not the documentary that I was looking for about 'Somalia During Colonization' but it will have to do for now)

The sad truth is that a WEAK SET OF NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS leaves a nation vulnerable for attack.

No where in your analysis (Anthony Logan) is any hint of the experiences that these people faced back at home in Somalia nor any intention to focus on STRUCTURAL SUPPORT for the larger portion of Somalians that have not migrated to Europe.

TO BE CLEAR - I am not one who "Blames It All Upon The White Man".  There are plenty of 'Black Faces' who work to cut the throats of fellow Black people using INSTITUTIONAL attacks both in the "Rest Of World" and "Inside Of The American Container".

The only outcome of your strategy is that the AFRICAN is used as a pawn in political gamesmanship.
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