Tuesday, February 07, 2017

AfriSynergy News Echoes My Sentiments About "Killer Putin" After Hearing A "White Right WIng Talk Show" Feign Offendedness Over Trump's Reference To "America Has Killers Too"

I just found one video of the man on AfriSynergy News.   DO NOT assume that I am endorsing his message based upon this one video.  He voted for Donald Trump.   I voted "None Of The Above" because I can't support a SYSTEM that draws people into "Teams" for the purposes of compelling them to molest their own permanent interests.

As I was driving home and scanning the radio talk show stations a White Right Wing host said: "There Is No MORAL EQUIVALENCE" between what RUSSIA

My personal rebuttal is for everyone to look at the present condition of SYRIA and LIBYA and note that despite that MULTIPLE WORLD POWERS were operating by various MOTIVATIONS ---- the bombs they dropped DESTROYED PEOPLE AND BUILDINGS - so ONLY THE AGGREGATE OUTCOMES matter.

MOTIVATIONS are communicated by PROPAGANDA
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