Monday, January 02, 2017

Wikileaks Does A Good Analysis Of The Prior Warnings About The Aftereffects Of The "American CIA Coup" In Libya

The only edit that I wish that Julian Asange would make is to REMOVE the "Person" (Hillary Clinton) and focus upon the US GOVERNMENT.
Regardless of the TRUTH that is abundant - 'American Containerized People' are trained to look at THE PARTY of 'The Offender' first and then compromise their 'Spirit Of Discernment' so their world view DOES NOT HAVE TO CHANGE.

REGARDLESS of what the "Secretary Of State" did to push the matter - THE US COMMAND IN CHIEF was the SHOT CALLER - who committed the action.

Since this was never an officially declared war - it is best to look at the OPERATIVES IN THE US CONGRESS who showed their true colors.

And FINALLY - the greatest FRAUD AND MOLESTATION of them all:  After a life time of hearing a "BLACK RADICAL REVOLUTIONARY HISTORY NARRATIVE" about "Africa", "Pro-Black", "Blacketty Black", "Too Black Too Strong",  "A Global Black Defense Force"...................when the COUP WENT DOWN we saw:

  1. Black Studies
  2. Black Entertainment Activism
  3. Black Liberation Theology..........
were all "ONLY AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST" / "We Are In The White House Negro" shills that were employed to NARRATE TO BLACK AMERICANS to advance PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST NATIONALISM - and keep the Black American heat off of the White House - so their "Stage Performance" is never cancelled.

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