Sunday, January 29, 2017

"The Mind Of Marcus" (Garvey) = "A Hip Hop Era 'Stuff Black People Don't Like" Wigger

FINALLY I heard a video in which this Fake Marcus Garvey AFFIRMED a BLACK PERSON who he likes:  JAY-Z'S and his business acumen.

My BLACK VALUES are IRRELEVANT to HIM and the MUSIC that he produces and hosts.
WHAT OTHER THAN "Misplaced BLACK PRIDE" can you point to in which Black people should DISARM themselves of the "Spirit Of Discernment" in appraising the actions of Jay-Z and other ACTIVIST ARTISTS?

From this propaganda picture can you infer that ANY OF THESE PEOPLE PICTURED IN THIS PHOTO GIVE A DAMN about MURDERED BLACK PEOPLE?

Ironically as the fake "Mind Of Marcus" calls out Black people for NOT GETTING IT - it is HE that DOESN'T GET IT!!

A healthy Black community has COMPETENCIES that are spread WIDE AND THICK to produce GOVERNANCE and not WEALTHY ELITE propagating to the MINIONS - leading to IDOL WORSHIP through PROPAGANDA.

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