Saturday, January 21, 2017

The "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" Plan To Make Sure That THE STOP SNITCHING BRICK Thrown Through The Window Of The "Minority City Government Contractor" Busted In A "Kickback Corruption Scandal" Never Reaches The Permanence In "Black Progressive Oppression History" That The Brick That WHITE RACISTS Threw Through Dr King's Window Still Has 50 Years Later

I have purposely not yet talked about the $1Million City Of Atlanta kick back scandal with"Moody Construction".  I wanted it to play out a bit more in order to see who the SECOND CITY OFFICIAL was that took some cash under the table.

I am more supportive of "Supplier Diversity" than I am with individual "Affirmative Action" in college placement and hiring.  I have seen some government agencies doing a good job in PREPARING their minority contractors to meet their expectations for a successful bid and break up mega-contracts that only "the big guys" would otherwise qualify for - into smaller deals.  Instead of so called "Minority Set Asides" they do the front end development and the "contract chunking" which then allows all CERTIFIED businesses to compete on a more equal playing field.

The "big boys" may look past some of the smaller contracts, allowing the minority owned firms - typically smaller firms, to win their share of the business.

Just as today as I was driving and gave credit to the "This Is It" company,  a local Atlanta family owned 'Soul Food' restaurant chain for carving out a brand name for themselves, so too do I have respect for the "H.J. Russell Construction Company" (whose headquarters  I also drove past tonight - as the Atlanta police had 4 tow trucks working over time - towing away cars of restaurant patrons that were 'illegally parked' on the street in Castleberry Hill) and "Moody Construction".
Elected Officials In Atlanta Serve The DUAL PURPOSE Of " ADVOCATES For Supplier Diversity" And "REGULATORS Of The Transparent Use Of CITY FUNDS.".  This Is Why The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Is So Often Forced To Step In Because The Conflict Of Interest At The Local Level Is 'Pissed Away' As RACIAL PRIDE AND PROGRESS

The news that the son of the founder of "Moody Construction" is GOING DOWN in this bribery scandal was disappointing.

For all of the praise directed toward the late Mayor Maynard Jackson for his advocacy for 'Affirmative Action government contracting" - it is also true that Atlanta has a legacy of "contracting fraud" that has sent several high profile people to JAIL over the past 30 years.

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