Sunday, January 08, 2017

SBPDL Right Black At Cha: It Is Irrelevant If Paul Kersey Occasionally Visits This Blog And Then Syndicates Stories Where WHITE People Are Murdered In Pennsylvania. There Is ZERO Chance That THIS White Woman Who Was Murdered And Dismembered Will Be Featured On SBPDL - BECAUSE He Is Not Featuring WHITE MURDER VICTIMS, He Is ONLY Featuring BLACK MURDERERS, Thus This Story Is Disqualified.

SBPDL PLAYS THE VERY SAME ROLE AS THE "BLACK PROGRESSIVE RACISM CHASING PROPAGANDA BLOGS" - DESPITE The Fact That They Want Their CONGREGATION To Believe That Their Respective Content Is For The 'Protection and Awareness' Of Each Of Their Respective Racial Interests, IN TRUTH The Content Is ONLY Published To MOLEST The PERCEPTIONS About The Real World Threats And Concerns They Should Be Aware Of.

Do NOT waste your time asking:   Is the shooting of an 81 year old WHITE WOMAN 11 times WORSE than the DISMEMBERMENT OF A 14 YEAR OLD WHITE GIRL?


Neither of these murderers - White or Black - CONSPIRED to mete out their "STREET PIRATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS".

Any such distinction between these two murder scenes are apply by the FRAUDULENT RACIAL CON MEN in each camp.

All the while VDare/SBPDL holds up their "WHITE POWER" signage they are ACTUALLY ONLY "ANTI-BLACK PROPAGANDISTS" intent on making their BOOK CLUB MEMBERS feel good about themselves - NOT because their WHITENESS makes them smart enough to have consulted with the late scientist Edwin Hubble - BUT BECAUSE theirs is a narrative of "COLLECTIVE WHITE GROUP ATTRIBUTION" via a common reference to the "Lowly Negro".

In effect - just as the "Black Raced Progressive Fundamentalist" has the "PERFECT WHITE 1.0 REFERENCE" that he aspires to become BUT ONLY IF the "American Containerized Congregation" stays UNIFIED and INVESTS THEIR VALUABLES into PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY - so too IS THE WHITE FACED CONFIDENCE MEN making a perpetual inference to the "SUBORDINATE BLACK RUN THREAT".

EVEN IF it is a 'White Banker' who stealing  money from his congregation via purposeful rounding errors in the calculation of the interest rates charged for the credit card purchase of his 'Black Studies Book Library", amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in misappropriation - PAUL KERSEY is NEVER going to see this as a SUPERIOR threat to that which he enumerates about the Negro - to the delight of his band of merry fools.

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