Sunday, January 29, 2017

SBPDL Correctly Points Out That In A High School In HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA - The Federal Law That Trumps The State Law In Preventing WHITE Students From Transferring Out Of Failing Schools Is Problematic. Where SBPDL Is CLUELESS Is About The POWER Of "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY"


"Stuff Black People Don't Like" is a "WHITE VICTIMIZATION" blog.  The photographic negative of "The Filled Negro" blog.  They both scour the nation looking for RACIAL OFFENSES and then cherry pick the ones that affirm their viewpoint.

On the matter of the ruling in Huntsville Alabama AGAINST White students who want to use the state law that allows them to move out of a failing school to find quality education - this is one rare time in which "SBPDL" is actually on to something.

Even though many Black Activists will FRONT saying: "You mean after 300 years of you WHITE PEOPLE oppressing us you are now bothered that a law specifically limits you?  WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!" - they realize that it is deeper than what they suggest.

"NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY " is a disease that affects BLACK PEOPLE.

Despite the best and brightest "Black Faced Progressive Nationalists" attempting to FRAME TODAY'S "BLACK CRISIS" as the handmaiden of yesterday's WHITE SUPREMACY - time and time again - after they have HARVESTED AND MOLESTED the PRESENT DAY PERMANENT INTERESTS of Black people, upon their failure to PRODUCE BROAD UPLIFT among the Black people whose valuables they converted into Progressive Nationalism - they understand that THEY DON'T NEED TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE - only KEEP THEM BELIEVING A NARRATIVE AS SUCH.

The "American Containerized Blacks" are not INFORMED by their 'Black Oppression History' nor emboldened by their 'Black Nationalist Radical Revolutionary' pose.   Their HISTORY is a WEAPON used against them by 'Embedded Confidence Men' to ADVANCE PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM.   We have seen recently that once they are LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH POWER - this HISTORY will not be used to inform the masses about deeds done by their FRIENDS IN POWER IN THE GOVERNMENT---- IF PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM is derailed as 'BLACKNESS IS INFORMED'.

Likewise Malcolm X's warning about "CHILDREN", "FOOLS" and "EDUCATION" may be found on many urban flea markets sold by Koreans - BUT it has NO IMPACT in guiding Black Political Operatives on PUBLIC POLICY!

So it appears to me to be fitting that THE WHITE MAN'S CHILDREN in a PREDOMINATELY BLACK SCHOOL are treated WITH SPECIAL HANDLING.  Indeed as the recent video showed that Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism plans to win certain social/cultural fights by ATTRITION, training up the next generation of children to BELIEVE AS THEY BELIEVE - then it is fitting that we classify the "Confederation Of Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Factions" NOT AS "WHITE SUPREMACIST" but as "BLACK INFERIORIST"!!. 

Indeed this is the lesson learned about BLACK INFERIORITY in Huntsville Alabama that will invade the souls of yet another generation of children - Black and White - IS NO ACCIDENT.  It is the perverted residue of a COLONIZATION PHILOSOPHY that has LUST FOR POWER and no INTENTION OF DEVELOPING THE NEGRO - only to have him strung along.

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