Friday, January 20, 2017

Nigerian Air Force Bombs "Internally Displaced Persons" Camp In Nigeria Killing 100 People - Proving Again: AFRICA IS STILL "Good For The Taking Today, As It Was Yesterday Because Of Massive Instability"

I do not do conspiracy theories on this blog.
The government of Nigeria is responsible for dropping the 3 bombs on the Rann Internally Displaced Person's camp inside of its own sovereign borders.

As I did more research on the issue I found that there are a lot of news sources proclaiming that intelligence from a foreign government that is doing surveillance for "Terrorist Activities" in the region had alerted the Nigerian government that "Boko Haram" was in the specific area and thus the airstrike was conducted.

It appears that the British Intelligence is "the foreign source" for this terrorist alert.


In America there are a handful of "government raids" that translated into mass executions - all of whom "Live In Infamy":   From "Native American Massacres" to the "MOVE Bombing" in Philadelphia to the "David Koresh Compound In Waco Texas".  

In the modern "mass executions" on American soil there was also an initial ground based confrontation and then an arial assault (if used) as a means of bringing the conflict to a more swift, but unfortunate conclusion.

In wide expanses in Africa, however, the threshold for "BOMBING FIRST, ASK IF THEY WERE GUILTY LATER" seems to be par for the course and closely related to questions of both SOVEREIGNTY and RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.    Both of these key attributes are intertwined and they both seen scarce in Africa.

IF I am going to actively criticize the United States for doing bombing raids in Libya, Somalia and Yemen (YES, depending on who you talk to they'll argue that Yemen/Saudi Arabia is a part of Africa) then, by extension, the sovereign governments in Africa, so many of whom are dependent on Western funding and military support and are full participants in "The War On Terrorism" must be held equally accountable.

The failure to control the "ways and means" and the "rule of law" inside of your own sovereign space opens you up to "terrorist situations" that your own people will be heard begging for help from outside sources.  The conglomeration of these events translates into a functional loss of sovereign rule and accountability and then the BOMB FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER behavior that was just exhibited.

It should be no surprise that the people having to live within these confines but then hear about a "Heaven On Earth" in a "Historically White Controlled Nation"  (European nations for the Africans, and America for the Mexicans and Central Americans citizens) and then you have the MIGRANT CRISIS (of 'people of color') that we see today.

So again - my argument remains:  To make American politics about "Racism And Immigration" is shortsighted and IGNORANT.   The more damnable situation, for a far larger group of people (IF you want to really prove that you care about 'Those People') is NOT your ability to use your national political power to fight your enemy inside of America (both for and against illegal immigration) but to focus your efforts, EVEN IF THEY ARE NON-POLITICAL OUTREACH (charitable donations or in country support) on the situation on the ground in these foreign lands.  This is the source of the problem. 

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