Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Birth Missionary Bapitst Church: When The New Senior Pastor And FIRST LADY Are Able To Trigger "Black Liberation Theologists" To Condemn 'The White Man's Christianity' For Stealing The REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT From Blacks AND Compel "Stuff Black People Don't Like" To Fority "White Christian Nationalism" Importance In Retaining Their RACE - NEITHER ONE OF THEM SPEAKING ABOUT 'CHRISTIAN SALVATION' Then The Correct Choice Must Have Been Made

TODAY AN INTERRACIAL MARRIED COUPLE FROM 'NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH' BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA Gets Promoted To Lead The "Mother Church" In LITHONIA GEORGIA - As The Two Local Congressmen Lead Protests In Which They REFUSE To Go Back To A SOCIETY OF WHITE RIGHT WING RACIAL DISCRIMINATION - But Prove Incompetent At Addressing The Key Problems That Are Wearing Down The SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE Who Live Within
I have never before hear of "Bishop Stephen A Davis".
I have never heard a word from him before.

I hope and pray that he focuses on THREE REFORMS for "New Birth Missionary Baptist Church" to prevent any "personal shortfalls" to have such damning impact on the church organization
  1. NO MORE "Yes Man" Leadership on the church board.  The MISSION of the church - "Saving Souls By Submission To A Greater Purpose In The Name Of GOD" MUST NEVER Again Be So Centrally Focused On One Man
  2. (Continue) To Keep NEW BIRTH Out Of The "American  Consumer Capitalist Political Opportunism System"
    • While I have problems with "New Birth" I do not believe that they are a "Corrupt Political Church" like the 'big one" on 'Auburn Avenue'.  
  3. Adopt The Book "WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED" as their guidebook for reaching out to WAYWARD YOUNG BLACK MALES in Dekalb County - refusing to allow a POLITICAL/SECULAR 'Rites Of Passage Program" to supplant the church's/culture's role in the community ever again
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