Sunday, January 08, 2017

(I Have Seen EVERYTHING Now) The Rapping Negro Teacher/Confidence Man From COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Is Given A Platform On PBS "News Hour" To Narrate His Version Of The Reasons Why There Are So Few Black Male Teachers In America - Where MASS INCARCERATION Ensures That WHITE FEMALE Teachers In The Classroom Don't Have To Deal With Black Male Teachers BECAUSE They Are In Jail

(IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT PISSES ME OFF - watch this video of FRAUD, performed in an UNCONTESTED 'SAFE SPACE' known as the "PBS Broadcast Studios" )

As I was typing this title I had to get up to walk over to my television to put it on pause.
I was getting a stereoscopic overload of FRAUD flooding my mind.

You see on C-SPAN there is an episode filmed at some historical White church in which 3 Negro academics are in front "preaching" to a church full of elderly White folks about MASS INCARCERATION and how PUNITIVE PUBLIC POLICY - but this time going back to the "Johnson Administration" is the reason for so many Black people in jail today.   (They always must make reference to "Ronald Reagan" but this time the female author went back a few presidents.   30 years from now 'President Donald Trump" will be yet another land mine in the same "Black Studies" that the "US Government Coup In Libya" during the Obama Era was white washed black spray painted out)

(Just to round things out) About 6 hours ago I was having a drink with two friends, one of which whom was telling us about this plans to become yet another "BLACK FLIGHT PROGRESSIVE" - moving OUT from the "Street Pirate Laden" area of South Fulton County Georgia, northward to a "SUPER WHITE CITY" that Rev Joseph Lowery and crew FOUGHT against about 12 years ago.

I will do a full post on this experience because this marks a marked turn for one of my prime debate adversaries over the past 10 years who always made ME prove that "I was NOT a Black Republican" (as personally claimed) per my critical assessments of the (so-called) fraudulent 'Black Leadership'.   The Street Pirate is always the WILD CARD who can disrupt any confidence scheme which attempts to point to SYSTEMATIC WHITE RIGHT WING RACIST POLICIES as the reason for today's "Black Condition"


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