Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dear (Stupid) Republicans: The American Public Only Cares About "Dead Americans" And "Live Muslims Detained By The US Government" - IF You Are Going To Implement A Travel Ban Why Not First Make Sure You Have Your Plan Together?

The American Civil Liberties Union And Rep John Lewis Have Found A Cause Of "Unjust Treatment Of Muslims Who Are Citizens Of Another Country" To Protest Against

The Trump Administration Gets A "Bone Headed D-" For This Executive Order That CLEARLY Was Not Thought Through Sufficiently.

If you believe that there is a heightened risk from certain countries - as the acts by certain individuals in European nations have demonstrated - WHY would you allow the people that you are going to ban when they attempt to pass through "Immigration" in America to GET ON THE PLANE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

This was an idiotic implementation of this policy.

The ACLU Is A Fraud

It is more clear to say "The US Government" instead of "The Trump Administration"/"Obama Administration" in order to make the case more succinct.

We just went through 3 phases:

  • Indefinite Detention Of Terror Suspects (Abu Ghrab and Gitmo) - PROTESTS
  • Mass Killings Of Terror Suspects Via Drone Bombings - NO PROTESTS By ACLU
  • Travel Bans Into The USA From Selected Nations - PROTESTS And ACLU Counter Action
It is too easy to say: "This is a politically partisan response".  

It is more accurate to say: "Americans Only Give A Damn About 'Dead Americans', 'Dead Americans Soldiers' And A Chance At MORAL OUTRAGE Over The Sight Of 'US Government Detentions' With A Broad Brush.

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