Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Constructive Feedback University: Gwinnett County And Dekalb County Georgia - A Tale Of "Black Flight Progressives" Who Take Over Through Activism, Migrate Away And Yet Continue Their Same Antics

LIKE A BALLOON - squeeze in one place and the shape of the balloon merely expands in another.

SO IS THE CASE with "Activism" lead "Power By Attrition".

The twin brother of my observation that "Atlanta Proper" is gentrifying is the pre-announced fight to make "Gwinnett and Cobb County Blue".

NOW DON'T GET IT TWISTED.  What might be a VICTORY in the minds of "American Containerized Blacks" whose psyche is tied to AMERICAN POLITICS (Americans having a 'Black Experience' in America) should never be mistaken as evidence that THE BLACK INTERESTS OF DEVELOPMENT are being addressed.

Just as about 3 weeks ago I sat down with an old debate foe who told me that he had had enough of the situation in South Fulton County and was moving to a SUPER-WHITE CITY in North Fulton County - we should never conclude that the "Black American Vote Of No Confidence" (the U-Haul Truck - NOT the 'Black Vote') is evidence of his fundamental change.  At the end of our conversation my friend STILL asked me for a POLITICAL solution to the problems in the Black community of South Fulton.

The truth is - despite all of the claims of RACISM against "White Flight-ers" for moving away as Blacks moved IN - remove the issue of RACIAL INDICTMENT and just look at the dispassionate FACTS and we will see that the problem is the force of NEUTRALIZATION OF GOVERNANCE that the "Racial Tribal Gang War - Which Hides The POLITICAL PARTY Motivations" - which is most detrimental to BLACK PEOPLE.


During An Event At A Gwinnett County LIBRARY - A Resource For The Betterment Of The Community - PROTESTERS Interrupted The County Commission - Demanding That Tommy Hunter Who Called Rep John Lewis A "Racist Pig" Resign....Because HE Is A VILE MAN For Calling *HERO John Lewis Such A Name
Said one protester, Art Smith: “No apology that you could give us will be acceptable. We cannot, we will not and we shall not accept that apology. You should resign.”

Said another, Susan Clymer: “I implore you Mr. Hunter, to step aside. So this great county can regain its status as a welcoming, progressive community, whose diversity is viewed as its strength and whose government is representative of all of us.
The Gwinnett County Democratic Party, which has called for Hunter to resign, and a group called United Together 2017 organized Tuesday night’s protest, sending mass emails urging supporters to show up.

The Democratic Party has said it will continue such efforts until Hunter resigns from his seat over District 3, which covers a diverse swath of southern and eastern Gwinnett, including parts of Snellville, Grayson, Dacula and Braselton

When The Mentality Of "BLACK SEATS OF POWER" Must Be Protected - When A Sitting Dekalb County Commissioner Spent $22,000 Of County Money On Questionable Spending And A FRAUD EXAMINER Wondered If It Was THAT EASY To Funnel Money To An Unknown Vendor - WHERE ELSE IS THERE MONEY BEING MISSPENT IN THE COUNTY.

Most Containerized Black Americans that I speak to are more than willing to acknowledge the problems "Within The Black Community" that this blog calls out.

UNFORTUNATELY their logic reads:  "IF the White Republicans CARED FOR BLACK PEOPLE they would STOP OFFENDING US, so that we could then use the GOVERNMENT as a PROGRESSIVE tool to solve the problems that we discuss".


  • "The White Right Wing Wolf - has been created to OFFEND YOU - to force you to choose your ACTUAL PRIORITIES"
  • The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Confidence Man is ever-present to offer you PROTECTION, but only if you disarm yourself of your 'Black Permanent Interests' and fuse them into "Progressive Nationalism
  • but the worst of all 'The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men' - they are the MOLESTERS of the "Black Community's Spirit Of Discernment" as they hide their incompetence at developing Black Americans by seeking to generate a PURPOSE for the people through ACTIVISM - via the grand harvesting scheme that shuffles Black Valuables into "American Consumer Capitalist Politics" 
The back end of this drive for the political take over of Gwinnett and Cobb County is the painful truth that the old bastions of the 'Civil Rights Enclave' (core Atlanta) are being Gentrified as these areas are brought back to life.   

No one is going to say out loud: "John Lewis, Who Has Harvested The Valuables Of 'The Least Of These', Yet They Remain Under-Developed IS A PART OF THE PROBLEM As He Got Them To FIGHT For His Progressive Coalition Which DISARMED THEM Of Their Permanent Interests Because He Convinced Them That Their GLOBAL FIGHT Against The 'White Right Wing' Was WORTHY For Them To Invest Into".  

I have come to the point of accepting that IT DOESN'T MATTER the LINE OF THINKING that the "Containerized Black American" arrives at when it comes to Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Obama, or John Lewis.   THE FACTS are ever present.  EVEN IF they still focus on "SLAVERY AND RACISM" as the primary reasons for their present situation - THERE ARE AN ABUNDANCE of OTHER PEOPLE whose psyche is not as poisoned who are MAKING IT, transforming their own communities and then EXPANDING at a healthy clip because they are living SUSTAINABLE LIVES.

Let The Containerized Negro Eat His Carrot Cake
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