Friday, January 27, 2017

Constructive Feedback University: My Desperate To Get Black People Worried About "Trump's Immigration Plans" To LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE: "PEOPLE OF COLOR ALL OVER THE WORLD" Are Flowing Into "HISTORICALLY WHITE CONTROLLED NATIONS"

The Best Way To Blind The Masses To A Clear MACRO-LEVEL Picture - Is By Feeding Them DAILY TRANSACTIONS Which Appeal To Their Own Local Political Biases

Two points hit home yesterday:

  1. I saw a TV news clip which interviewed at least 3 Mexicans inside of Mexico.  THEY ALL VOWED to GET INTO THE USA regardless of the BARRIER.  (Fly over, Drill Through, Tunnel Under It).   [My Internal Eye Shed A Tear]
  2. My high school aged son told me last night: "I have 2 Mexican friends in school and they are worried about Trump USING HIS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it 


I can tell that Donald Trump plays "hardball negotiations".  He makes measure of the strengths that he has "on his side" and then tries to use maximum leverage against his negotiating opponents to them them to recognize these strengths and their comparative weaknesses.  The main problem: "America" is not HIS to bargain with.

To hear these Mexicans has as their LIFE'S GOAL: "To Live In The United States" was quite disconcerting to me.  

I have said during several recent conversations (about Black mobilization): "You can have as large of a crowd following you as you want.............but IF YOU CAN'T FEED a few weeks and they are HUNGRY.....they are going to mutiny against you.".

As such - when so many Mexican nationals voice their goal to LEAVE THEIR HOME NATION for "Heaven" in the United States - then it is the Mexican President's bargaining position that has been undercut - as compared to Trump/The United States.

THEN you have the "AMERICAN TRUMP OPPONENTS" / "Confederation Of Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Factions".   For the first time ever I saw an article written by an AMERICAN JOURNALIST entitled:  "How The Mexicans Can Counter Trump On NAFTA".  

The disturbing part about this - and all of the Progressive mayors voicing their plans for sanctuary cities - is that they HAVE TO promote the inference to RACIST MOTIVATIONS AGAINST HISPANICS as the driver for the crackdown on Illegal Immigration - REGARDLESS of any points that align favorably with their previous points of advocacy (ie: American labor previously voiced strong opposition to both NAFTA and The TPP as anti-American-jobs initiatives) 

On the matter with my SON.   I interrupted him several times as he was factually recounting what he and his friends were discussing:

    • Only 1/3 of the US-Mexican border has some sort of barrier.  Another 1/3 is unprotected but the uninhabited terrain is not worth protecting.  It is the last 1/3 that goes through the desert and is causing so many deaths from exposure today - that is under debate.
    • So the DEBATE SHOULD NOT BE "Build A Wall".  It is actually "Extend The Existing Barriers"
  2. It is NOT Trump's billions that are going to build the wall.  It is the US government initially funding it
I then told my son that today in Mexico and certain Central American nations there is AS MUCH OR MORE "CIVIL RIGHTS ERA-LIKE LYNCHING AND TORTURE AND INTIMIDATION" going on as we speak.  Yet instead of us hearing about a "Freedom Ride Convoy" into Mexico - like we hear in the American Civil Rights Era - THE AMERICAN COMBATANTS - Left and Right -ONLY want to "Interact With Mexicans" through their own AMERICAN POLITICAL MACHINATIONS.

In other words - YOU DO NOT SEE any Progressive Activists doing anything outside of American Political activism to help MEXICANS IN MEXICO.  The reason why they are moving out is because there is straight up terrorism and intimidation.

The same Right wing that says "Every Life Is Precious Do Not Abort It" are weak in any evidence of standing up sufficient 'Care Packages' to assist Living El Salvadorans cope in their daily existence. 
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