Sunday, January 29, 2017


While I ultimately condemn the ATTACKS and or "Flooding Of Weapons" into volatile areas by "Historically White Controlled Nations" as the SOURCE of the "Migration Of People Of Color' To 'Historically White Controlled Nations' - THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION ITSELF must take the blame for the botched implementation of the selective immigration ban that is on the front page.

Like it or not - the ATLANTIC OCEAN provides key buffer that reduces the likelihood that a handful of 'Terorrists' will hide themselves into a large pool of legitimate 'War Refugees' and commit harmful acts inside of the USA.

Donald Trump himself has deployed a lack of THREAT AWARENESS (cross referenced against DISRUPTION OF HUMAN TRAVEL and COMMERCIAL LOGISTICS) that his immediate crackdown would entail.

Even though it is a temporary 90 day freeze - HE LOST because the CONSTANT NEWS COVERAGE - bit it 1 day freeze or permanent - IS they key "Optic" - when YOU ARE NOT OPERATING OFF OF A DEFINITIVE THREAT or in response to an IMMEDIATE TERROR ATTACK on your own soil.

Though I condemn the news media for misleading Americans about the truth of what is going on overseas - they have the right to feed in to the HUMAN NATURE which says:  "PEOPLE CARE MOST ABOUT WHAT IS IMMEDIATELY PROXIMATE IN 'THEIR WORLD' ".  Unfortunately TRUMP made "MUSLIMS DETAINED AT LOCAL AIRPORTS" into an IMMEDIATE CRISIS that the protesters who don't trust him in the first place - cause to respond.

Trump As A Businessman Gets A D- For BOTCHED EXECUTION. 
COME OUT OF THAT OVAL OFFICE and look at the real world.  It is greater than your "100 Day Agenda"
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