Wednesday, January 04, 2017

As Tiny And Violent Chester PA Registers Its First Homicide Of 2017, Filled Negro Brings Up Charges Of 'Black Voter Suppression' In The All Republican Controlled Delaware County Council, Which Encompasses Chester And The Chester-Upland School District

The City Of Chester PA (Delaware County) Registers Its First Homicide Of 2017 Source - Delco Times

Filled Negro:

When White Republicans
Are In Power....Black People
Don't Stay Alive
Both The Republicans And Democrats Of Delaware County PA Voice Their Propaganda On Their Plans For 2017, BUT Only The White Republicans Are Motivated By RACISM And Contempt For Black Citizens That Are Concentrated In Chester PA

If The Composition Of The Delaware County Board Looked Like The Population Of The City Of Chester - There Would Be Less Claims That The Violence In Chester Is Due To "Benign Neglect" By The White Right Wing Leadership.
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