Friday, January 20, 2017

African Instability: Foreign Regional Troops Enter Gambia, Tell Reluctant Ex-President That He Has Until Friday (Jan 20th) To Cede Power Or Be Forcibly Removed (The Exact Same Time That 'American Containerized Blacks' Will Unify To 'Remove Trump From The White House' Efforts - Because They Are Disconnected To The 97% Of Blacks That Reside Outside Of America And Europe)

  • Weak governing institutions.
  • Strong man who does not respect the rule of law.
  • Crony government officials in the judiciary and legislative arm who look at the TEAM and then look for the LAWS to back their TEAM MATE IN POWER

This is not just the case in GAMBIA.

For some people - they possess the very same SPIRIT OF CORRUPTION / POWER, LET THE COSTS BE DAMNED.  They just don't have a COUNTRY OF 'THEMSELVES' to apply this corruption, allowing their contempt for their own kind to be manifest.

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