Sunday, December 11, 2016

Victoria's Secret "Guilt By Racial Association"

A few years ago I was at a local "Moe's" restaurant, with a Black female whom I did not know standing in front of me.   When the White male who was preparing the food put MY BURRITO in this Black woman's bag - thinking that we were together - it was not RACISM that I feared - it was the notion that some neighbors would believe that this was my 'side piece".

I say that to say that - like it or not - people make judgments on RACIAL ASSOCIATION, and many times get it WRONG.

The security and staff at the "Victoria's Secret" in Oxford Alabama (I used to go to this mall on occasion) grossly mishandled the situation.

While it is TOTALLY REASONABLE that after catching one PERSON shoplifting in the store to survey the landscape of other customers to make sure that the store is not getting hit by a shoplifting ring - COMMON RACE ALONE - is not a sufficient indictment by which other patrons should be scrutinized.

Even the victim mentioned that if the security asked her (and everyone else) to show the contents of their bags this would have been acceptable.

To date I am still not clear if she and the other Black female who was asked to leave were the only other customers in the store or were the only BLACKS in a store full of White customers - who was asked to leave.

In any event the staff and the security mishandled the situation and now the name brand of the store is soiled.

FOR THE RECORD - While I have no control over which narratives move to the front of the line of our "national conversations"  -with RACIAL PROFILING seemingly having an express pass to the front today - I DO NOT BELIEVE that these type of RACIAL INSULTS are the greatest threats to Black Americans today.   THE FRAUDULENT NARRATIVE DOES FAR MORE DAMAGE AND STEALS MORE VALUABLES

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