Saturday, December 31, 2016

Propaganda And Molestation In The Media: As "CCTV" Rebrands Into "CGTN" In Order To Distinguish Itself From Its Former Image As "CHINESE STATE TELEVISION", It Plans To Retain Its "AFRICA LIVE" Programming, This As "BET", "TVOne", "HuffPo Live" And "Black Enterprise Television" Vow To Remain Fully Committed To Representing "Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism"

At 12 Noon - Eastern Time In The USA On December 31, 2016 - I Was Made Aware That It Is ALREADY January 1, 2017 In Other Parts Of The World BECAUSE - When I Tuned Into "CCTV Africa Live" - They had unveiled the "MASSIVE CHANGES" that they had been pre-announcing throughout December.

CCTV - is now "CGNT" "Chinese Global Network Television".
I get more detailed information ABOUT AFRICA from the 4 "Africa" programs that they have on their station than from ANY BLACK AMERICAN broadcast news program.

  • Africa Live - twice daily African centric news program, reported BY AFRICAN journalists
  • Global Business Africa - a daily economy and business report about African nations
  • Faces Of Africa - a weekly 'personality magazine', showcasing a key contributor to Africa
  • Talk Africa - a weekly talk show detailing important current events

OF COURSE there is a heavy slant which shows the SPONSOR'S interests in Africa in a positive light.  This goes with the territory.

However, it is nothing short of a CRIME that (supposedly) the wealthiest, most media saturated nation in the world (United States) can't manage to put forth an African-centric media source that BREAKS FREE of the "GRAVITATIONAL PULL" of AMERICA/AMERICAN POLITICS/ and SLAVE NARRATIVES - as the goal of building a CONSCIOUSNESS BRIDGE between two distinct COLLECTIONS OF PEOPLE OF COLOR - with the hopes that the "AMERICAN CONTAINERIZED BLACKS" would one day be the PRIMARY LOBBYING FORCE of its "Historically White Controlled Government" - to ensure that AFRICA GETS A FAIR DEAL AT THE NEGOTIATING TABLE IN AMERICA.   There is no need for any "Black American" to pretend that HE IS AN AFRICA.   BUT - what we just saw in the way of the "PURPOSEFUL FILTERING OF THE MOLESTATION OF NATIONS OF COLOR" is a gross betrayal at the "Racial Level", proving that NATIONALISM proves to be a stronger bond than SKIN COLOR.

I do enough background research in order to do TRIANGULATION - comparing multiple information sources, allowing me to approximate THE TRUTH.
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