Wednesday, December 07, 2016

INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Watch These Sources Of Information 'Outside Of The Container' As A Means Of Seeing How Much You Are Being Fed A Narrative Inside Of America That Is Engineered


CCTV Africa Live 
Note: They've Removed The Embedded Video Feature So You Need To Click Here To Watch

REAL LIFE IN AFRICA Versus "The 2016 State Of The Black World Conference"

Please watch the above video from CCTV "Africa Live".
From this you will see:

  1. Libya destroyed as 'The New Government 'LIBERATES' The Final ISIS Stronghold 
  2. Kenyan Physicians striking for more pay - resulting in a shutdown of the medical and mental health system in the country
  3. Election Tensions in Ghana as past economic growth evaporates
The POINT is - despite the fact that the "2016 State Of The Black World" had presented itself as a 'global viewpoint' they are ONLY AMERICAN and had AMERICAN POLITICS (ie: their mass depression over the Democratic Party losses) as their claim of "Growth In White Supremacy".

The fact that NONE of these points listed above even came up for mention, WORSE YET, no one pondered the "US Government's Role" BECAUSE - despite the rhetoric - they live vicariously through President Obama in their common (supposed) fight against 'White Right Wing Racism' - yet they are too blind and bigoted to see the LARGER SYSTEMATIC UNDERCUTTING OF 'NATIONS OF COLOR' and thus they must be called out as being COMPLICIT to it.

This blog has already called out Dr Ron Daniels and George Frazer for "Selling Hope Of Contract Riches In Post Gaddafi Libya" a few years ago.   Now that these contract opportunities for Americans never came to fruition AND the nation is destroyed - we all know that they are not going to generate a self indictment - by pointing out how they were used and then used other people.   The real problem is - THERE IS NO "INSTITUTION" within so called "Black America" who would keep track between now and then and CALL THEM OUT so future molestation would not happen.

(Sorry Folks - I Don't Have Time To Record The Videos Of This Stuff And Post Them)

Whereas the previous story about the financial constraints hitting Kenya and the push back by the physicians who want more money from the government is an example of what happens in an "African" nation that is not able to print FUNNY MONEY to tide itself over, like the US Treasury/US Federal Reserve does on a regular basis - ITALY is evidence that this is not an "African" problem.

While Italy has more wealth than the average African nation it is in dire straits as it too has a high debt burden and little hope for major economic growth to make everything better.

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