Saturday, December 17, 2016

Filled Negro Says: "According To My Statistics The Man Shot At The Gas Station At 52nd And Lancster Ave In West Philly Is More Likely To Be Attacked By A Racist Donald Trump Supporter, So Today's Shooting Is But An Anomaly That Should Not Cause Any Community Member To Turn Their Attention Away From Reversing The "2016 Presidential Election In Order To Actually Allow The Black Communities In Philly To "PROGRESS"

The last time that I was in Philly I:

  • Got some gas at this same gas station on Lancaster Avenue
  • Went to the Lowes store that I around the corner
  • Went to McDonalds to get a breakfast sandwich
    • (True story that I forget to post about) While I was waiting in line a customer came back in and told the MANAGER: "I ordered 2 chicken biscuits from you and you gave me one chicken and one sausage".  The manager opened up the wrapper to confirm, handed him a new chicken biscuit and then PUT THE RETURNED SAUSAGE BISCUIT BACK ON THE SERVICE RACK instead of THROWING IT AWAY!!!!!
      • The 'chain of custody' for McDonalds was broken when the man LEFT THE STORE with the sandwich that the MANAGER knew was opened by the customer.  
      • The manager did not know if the customer had touched the biscuit to look at the contents (or put something on it).  The proper response was to THROW IT AWAY!
      • Instead he had so much contempt for his customers and such low standards of quality that he RESOLD IT. 

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