Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DEKALB COUNTY GEORGIA: The News Of "The Rising KKK Threat In The Age Of Trump" Is More Important Than Understanding The RACIO-POLITICAL ECOSYSTEM That Killed Sheriff-Elect Derwin Brown 16 Years Ago - "When You Let A Group Of Corrupt Operatives MOLEST YOUR HISTORY You Are Doomed To Repeat It As You Remain HARVESTED And UNDERDEVELOPED

So many times in the newspaper you see two articles that are posted in close proximity that it creates an irony that will fly over most people's heads.

WITHOUT QUESTION the label "KKK" is a fixture in "American Containerized Black" PSYCHOLOGY.

Even when one notes that "THE BLOODS GANG" has systematically MURDERED MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE PAST 50 YEARS THAN THE KLAN and triggered more feelings of TERROR IN MORE BLACK PEOPLE, destroying particular BLACK COMMUNITIES than the KKK could ever get away with today thanks to the MULTI-TIERED government LAW ENFORCEMENT and CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES keeping them in check - the phenomenon known as "THE WHITE MAN IS ALWAYS WORTHY" neutralizes any FOCUSED GOVERNANCE AND CONTROL applied to what the THREAT MATRIX indicates.

The KKK Has Distributed A Sufficient Number Of Printed Fliers In People's Mailboxes, Enough To Regenerate 

They Molest "Christianity" By Inserting RACIAL NATIONALISM As The Primary Component Of Their RELIGION.

When I Say That This Is The Same FRAUD That "Black Political Liberation Theology" - Most People Will Point To The TRACK RECORD OF VIOLENCE By The Klan In Order To Rebut My Argument.

It Is More Rational To Look At THE BLACK KILLINGS That The "FRAUDULENT BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGIANS"  Have NOT Responded To Thanks To Their Own Ulterior Motives (Black Faced Progressive Nationalism) In Order To See That "RACE (Alone) Is NOT An INSTITUTION That One Can Build A Society Around".........RACE IS ONLY A "DISCRIMINATOR".

Only INSTITUTIONS Can Create A Strong Set Of People.  RACE Can Be Used To Determine Who Has Access To Such Institutions.

I Assure You Than When The Klan Was Allowed To Swarm Like An Infestation In This Nation There Was CLASSED BASED WHITE STRATIFICATION In Various "Klanverns".

The Elite White Lawyers And Business Owners Did Not Socialist At The 'Klan Country Club' With The Poor White Trash - Despite Them Having Equal Contempt For The Negro.

Thus They Don't Have "WHITE GREATNESS" They Can EQUALLY Access.  It Is Their Well Curated References To THE "LOWLY NEGRO" (In Their Mind) That Gives Them The ILLUSION Of  Being SUPREME.

Let Them Attempt To Build Up A Narrative That Does Not Make References To Other Races But Speaks Of The Massive Stratification Within Their Own Ranks And YOU WILL SEE THE SAME FRAUD In "Whiteness" That This Black Exposes In "AMERICANIZED BLACKNESS"

16 Years Ago In Dekalb County Georgia - Which At That Time Was Approximately 15 To 20 Years Into The "WE RUN THINGS NOW" Era In The County Where Blacks Were Expected To "PROTECT BLACK SEATS OF POWER" (From White Right Wing Slander And Attempts To TAKE BACK THE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS)

Today we are more likely to hear about "THE RED SHIRTS RIFLE CLUB", who RAN BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS OUT OF POWER in the name of WHITE SUPREMACY in South Carolina more than 100 years ago, than you are to hear the saga of "Sheriff Elect Derwin Brown" as a MODERN ERA POLITICAL ASSASSINATION.

The "Black Studies Narrative" does not like to make (what they believe to be) SELF INDICTMENTS because they might slip up and make the case that BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% EQUAL and thus when THEY GET POWER, Black people are prone to do the very same things that WHITE FOLKS IN POWER are known to do.

THUS "REGULATION OF BLACKS WITH POWER" is more important than the notion that BLACK DEVELOPMENT is evident by BLACK FACES IN POWER.


WHOLESALE DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE in the form of RETURN ON INVESTED VALUABLES (hopes and dreams) is a far better measure than is POPULARITY of opinion or "Black Faces In Power".

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