Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dear Ami Horowitz: YOU STILL MISS THE POINT. You Are Advancing The Debate About 'Voter ID Laws Suppressing Black Voting' (Or Not) When The ISSUE IS: "Is INVESTING ONE'S VALUABLES Into The 'American Capitalistic Consumer Political Harvesting Scheme' A Legitimate Venue For RACIAL/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. The Fact That Various Operatives Can Compel 'The Negro' To Divert Themselves Into Peripheral Issues (The Mechanism Of Injecting Their OPINION Into GOVERNMENT, While Looking Past All Of The Other More Damning Truths) Is Clear Evidence That IT IS NOT

FOR ME, the knowledge that "White Liberals are 'racist too'" DOES NOTHING to appease me or affirm my suspicions.

The more important consideration is:  "Find Another INVESTMENT VEHICLE that Black Americans have affixed their development hopes to, BUT upon achieving certain intermediate goals THE GOAL KEEPERS move the GOAL toward bigger and better things (for Progressive Nationalism), only to have the BLACK INVESTORS go along with the scheme, out of fear of LOSING THEIR VALUABLES if they fail to STAY UNIFIED and continue to invest?

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