Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Stepping Over Dead Black Bodies To Focus Upon 'Hate Crimes' To Appease The Masses: Which Headline Did "The Atlanta Voice" - The Stenographers Of The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Publish As Their Proof That The Are CONNECTED WITH BLACK COMMUNITY'S 'PERMANENT INTERESTS"?


A Charter Member Of The "Stenographers Of The Civil Rights Pharisees" Expresses Their Concern Over SUPERIOR HATE CRIMES

 The Local Atlanta 'Black Community Voice' Echoes The PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST NARRATIVE De Jure
Exhibit #2:

The BLACK MEDIA EVOLVES And Shows That THEY ARE INDEED Watching The "BLACK WOMEN SEEN CRYING ON THE EVENING NEWS" And That They Are VALUED MORE  Than Their BLACK VOTES To Advance Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism. 

The Concerns Of The Black Community That Are BLATANTLY DISPLAYED BY BLACK COMMUNITY MEMBERS Must NEVER Be Allowed To Trump The ENGINEERED MESSAGE That The "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" Must Propagandize For Their Consumption.

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