Monday, November 14, 2016

Fraud & Hokum's Journal: As "#Black Lives Matter Atlanta" Calls The O'Jay's Hit "Family Reunion" A "Hurtful Patriarchal" And "Hetro-Normative" Message From The Long Ago Past That Does Not Represent Today's Black Progressive Family Structures They Insist That: "ONLY CLARENCE THOMAS BLACK REPUBLICANS WOULD REFUSE TO STAND WITH THEIR EVOLVED VIEW POINT"

  • "The Family Is The Solution To The World's Problems Today"
  • THE FATHER - "The head. The leader. The director.  Not domineering, but showing guidance'
  • THE MOTHER -"The right arm of the father.  They do the cooking. Raise the children. Do the sewing.  Help the father to guide and direct
  • THE SON - "Most sons are like imitators of their fathers"
  • THE DAUGHTER - "Watching her mother because sooner or later she will be a mother. She will have her own sons and daughters" 

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