Wednesday, November 09, 2016

B.R.O.W. (Blacks In Rest Of World) Respond To The US Elections: "WHITE SUPREMACY WON FOR A 2ND TIME!! But Our Solemn Hope Is That The 'American Containerized Blacks' Will Rise From Their COLLECTIVE DEPRESSION And Return To PROTESTING THE US GOVERNMENT When It Bombs NATIONS OF COLOR - Even IF We Must Wait Until After January 20, 2017"


The American Containerized Negro IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!

After 5 years of watching you die in your homelands - at the hands of YOUR OWN KIND and from MALICIOUS FOREIGN INFLUENCES .............I witnessed MORE EMOTING and FORLORN from "Americanized Blacks" when to a "Predominately Black 'Waffle House' restaurant this morning than I HAVE EVER HEARD as the images of YOUR MISERY was projected IN THE INTERNATION SPACE but then summarily FILTERED by the FRAUDULENT BLACK AMERICAN MEDIA, THE CORRUPT CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES and the "DANCING FOR DOLLARS BLACK FACED ENTERTAINMENT /ACTIVIST" ESTABLISHMENT.

To hear some of the voices that purport to represent you make the claim that "MIGRATION TO 'HISTORICALLY WHITE NATIONS' is the TOP PRIORITY for 'The African' - shows that YOU TOO have some CORRUPT NEGROES that you need to get in line and force away from your 'Community Conscious Nucleus'.

Just as it is true that "School Busing" of Black children into 'PREDOMINATELY WHITE SCHOOLS' is not a solution for BLACK EDUCATION - but ONLY a bit of MOLESTATION of 'Black Conscious Sovereignty' by those whose BLACKNESS is in FIGHTING WHITE RIGHT WING RESISTANCE - the notion that IMMIGRATION of a small fraction of your countrymen into 'Historically White Controlled Nations' is a point of activism supported by people WHO ARE INCOMPETENT AT GOVERNING INSTITUTIONS where a high concentration of BLACK PEOPLE LIVE - with the intent of DEVELOPING THEM, rather they keep them in a constant GANG WAR - allowing OUTSIDE FORCES TO EXPLOIT the WEAK, THE DESPERATE AND THE UNDERDEVELOPED!

How does it feel to see the 'American Containerized Negro' first EXCITED that his "Professor Henry Louis Gates / 23 and Me" 'DNA Cheek Swab' came back telling them that their 'Baby Daddy Lineage' placed them in WEST AFRICA - only to see them SUMMARILY IGNORE YOUR PLIGHT when you needed them the most - EXCEPT when the 'First Lady Of The United States' posed for 'Essence Magazine' holding a 'BRING BACK OUR GIRLS' poster inside of a room full of WHITE PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAITS?


The 'American Colonized Negro' has been molested into the form of a CAPITALISTIC CONSUMER PLAYTHING but he has been MASTURBATED into finding PLEASURE in being told what he wants to hear.


I suggest that you begin to place LICENSES and COPYRIGHTS upon all of your "AFRICAN HISTORY/ CULTURE/ PERFORMANCE ARTS and DESIGN PATTERNS" and establish a FLOW OF REVENUE from the "American Containerized Negro" who has just made it clear:  "ALL OF YOUR SKIN FOLK AIN'T YOUR KIN FOLK" , so you should break this relationship down to a mere "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" fight and get the money out of their pockets when they appropriate YOUR CREATIONS as THEIR OWN - INSIDE OF AMERICA.

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