Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: Only Partial Credit To "Atlanta Blackstar News" For Reporting That the SOMALIAN GOVERNMENT Wants Answers After The US Drone Strike Killed 22. Atlanta Blackstar Is Not ASKING FOR ANSWERS

We At Constructive Feedback University DO NOT have "Goal Posts On Wheels".

No problem acknowledging when our "fraud suspects" do the right thing - in line with their claimed calling.

WE CREDIT "ATLANTA BLACK STAR NEWS" for printing at least one article about the deadly US Airstrike In Somalia East Africa Last Week - killing between 7 and 22 Somalian soldiers - THE US MILITARY CLAIMING THAT IT WAS "SELF DEFENSE" as they ran a covert operation on Somalian soil to kill "Terrorists".

When you read the article from Atlanta B.S. News, however you see that it LACKS THE ACTIVISM that the other past claims of US IMPERIALISM or the modern day fraudulent "#Black Lives Matter Movement" which claims that MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENTS are militarizing their police forces and killing Black people.

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